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how often do you think negatively about the way your body looks ?
if your answer is ‘never’, good for you. otherwise it’s way too often !

today i want to deal with an issue that is bothering almost all of us from time to time – feeling insecure or unhappy with the way our bodies look. we need to get over this, bodies are weirdly shaped ! we’re no robots, we bend and fold and stretch and wrinkle. because we’re made from flesh and bone and fat and muscle and skin. no one is perfect, and yet we’re all trying to reach that beach ready fitness model ideal. your body already is ideal ! it might be a work in progress, but that’s just charming.

so let’s use our bodies for what they we’re meant for : moving around and feeling great !
i think a big part of the problem is that we worry so much about the way our bodies look, and so little on how they feel and act, that we get this unhealthy distance to what the body is all about. your frame or body type or weight or measurements mean nothing when it comes to beauty. all shapes and sizes have their own beauty, we just got to learn how to stop listening to the idiotic beauty industry that is trying to make us all feel ugly. and instead, start owning our own gorgeous and agile physiques.

here’s a good place to start :

i’m gonna go on an epic walk with david across all of berlin now, stretching out my long legs and getting my posture in check after a whole day spent in front of a screen. let’s celebrate those lovely bodies of ours, imperfect as they are.

btw, tomorrow on our morning show channel THE MUSTARDS david and i will tell the story of how we met <3
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love // jenny

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