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let’s talk about hygge – the cosy danish word that has taken the world with storm, making people fluff pillows and light candles everywhere !
in this video i want to get practical : how can we use the concept of hygge to transform our room / apartment / house / home to become the most cosy and atmospheric version of itself possible ?

let us scandinavians lead the way. the typical hygge scandi home isn’t all about modern minimalist interiors and rustic wooden exteriors – we have a few tricks to squeeze out that extra lovely hygge cosiness in any home, no matter the style and aesthetic preferences of the person living there. everything from keeping it tidy, to bringing in as much light as we can ( making the most out of the natural daylight and going crazy for beautiful lamps and candles ), to focusing on natural materials and elements like wood, stone, fabrics in cotton and linen, as well as green plants and flowers.

we also love cosy corners as we call them in swedish, little pockets of hygge in your home where you crawl up to read your favourite book or play a game of chess with your loved one. dedicating a spot just for happiness is the way to go !
finally, keeping in mind all the senses when decorating a room is a simple trick in how to make your experience of hanging out in it so much more pleasurable and atmosphere creating.

ok that’s it, let’s get hyggefied !

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love // jenny

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  1. Tried to find you googling “Jenny Custard” — your dessert alter ego?

    I was wondering if you could recommend any good pilates channels on Youtube? I want the good stuff, but if I hear the frase “butt shaper” for a spine movement one more time I’m gonna puke.

    Love your channel, and thanks for… at du estetiserer minimalisme. Markedskreftene råder, og jeg tror at det budskapet du viser frem er fundamentalt for skiftet i holdning og kjøpekraft som er den uunngåelige motreaksjonen til kapitalismen. Vi som verdenssamfunn trenger det, på personlig og globalt plan! Tusen takk.

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