HOW TO : homemade soy yogurt

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do you remember the one pot rice video i made with ebba zingmark a while back ?
while cooking, we of course got to talking about food, and she recommended i try making my own soy yogurt at home. so like the fermentation lover that i am, i of course got cracking straight away.


it’s so simple that i’m a bit surprised i hadn’t tried it before. needless to say, i make it all the time now ^^
here’s how :


homemade soy yogurt :
1 000 ml / 4 cups organic unsweetened soy milk (or follow my homemade soy milk recipe)
2 tbsp soy yogurt, with bacteria culture

– heat the soy milk to about 37°C / 98°F (finger warm)
– stir in the soy yogurt and pour into a thermos. leave in room temperature overnight or at least 7-8 hours
– now the soygurt is done. either enjoy it as is, or if you want it thicker, just pour into a sieve covered with some coffee filters or cloth and let sit in the fridge for a couple of hours
– keep the soygurt in the fridge for up to a few days. always save 2 tbsp of your new yogurt to use as a starter culture in the next batch. if you don’t plan to make a new batch within a few days, you can freeze the starter culture


here i’m serving it with frozen raspberries, brazil nuts, and maple syrup. it’s the most perfect simple dessert, or addition to your sunday brunch.

can you think of any other how to recipes you want me to share ?

love // jenny


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  5. Will this recipe work for other vegan yogurts like coconut milk yogurt too? I sure hope so!

    • the problem with other types of plant milks is that they won’t thicken like soy milk does. so although it’ll taste sour like yogurt, you’d have to add some sort of thickener. an alternative is to blend nuts or what you want to use with less water so that it’s already thick and then add the culture.

    • There are all sorts of recipes on YouTube for homemade coconut yogurt. Just do a YouTube search for homemade vegan yogurt and it is the first recipe to come up. I live in Maine so we don’t have a lot of highly specialized food but we do have young coconuts for about $2 each at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Asian markets also have them. Hope this helps! :-)

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  10. Hi Jenny. I really like your recipes. I am excited to try this one. However, I do not have a thermos. What kind of thermos do you recommend?

  11. I made this! I put it in a bowl instead and left it on the counter with a cloth over it. I’ve never done this before, and it turned out much thinner than yours but still a little yogurt consistency. Is it because I used a bowl and not a thermos? Is it still safe to eat (because of bacteria)?

  12. My grandmother used to make her own yogurt. She would simply put it in a ceramic pitcher and cover it up with several towels and it turned out well but didn’t set like commercial yogurts.

    When she wanted a thicker consistency, like Greek yogurt for example, she would put it in a special bag and let it drip for a day or so catching the drips in a bowl. Nowadays, this part is easier done with coffee filters like Jenny mentions. That’s the way I do it.

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  14. Vilken fin video! jag håller just nu på att experimentera med att göra egen soyghurt med hemmagjord soyamjölk. Det var väldigt inspirerande att se din video. Så bra tips att förvara yoghurten i en termos istället för att ha den i ugnen med en lampa på som de flesta recept rekommenderar. =)


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  16. Making a batch now in an EasiYo (non-electric) yogurt maker I bought at a thrift store in NZ. Can’t wait to have yogurt in the morning! Thanks, Jenny, for such great recipes. I would love to know what brand those spoons are… :-)

  17. This yogurt is absolutely delicious – thank you for such a wonderful recipe! It is so simple to make. I need “less complicated” things in my life!

  18. I’ve used this method twice now and it worked perfectly both times, while any other methods (pro-biotic pills in coconut milk) failed me.
    I leave it to thicken every time – is there anything the leftover water can be used for?

  19. I’m excited to try this, but can I just use soy yogurt from the store as a starter? Or do they sterilize it? If I need to get an unsterilized yogurt starter, where can I find it?

    Thank you!

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  21. What’s the difference in result between heating the soy milk to 98 degrees here as opposed to the 180 you see on most other thermos soy milk recipe?

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