HOW TO : make nut butter

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another requested recipe video !
this time a basic recipe for raw vegan nut butter. but i almost feel ashamed calling it a recipe cause it’s so easy ^^
i’m using cashew nuts in the video, but just about any type of nut would do. also, i’m experimenting with different flavours, so there might be a nut butter deluxe video coming up later on.


nut butter basic recipe
nuts – i used 300 ml / 1.25 cups of cashews
a pinch of salt

– pour nuts and salt into a food processor and blend for about 15-20 minutes. the time it takes depends on your machine
– the heat from the food processor will make the nuts sort of melt. don’t add any water, it will make the butter much less smooth
– store in an airtight container in the fridge. i have no idea how long it will last, since in my home it’s always gone long before going bad ^^

nutbutter3 nutbutter2

hope you like this video guys !
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oh and that gorgeous ring is from the rogue + the wolf (because i already know i’m gonna get sooo many question about it ^^)

love // jenny


  1. Hi there Jenny, I tried the nut butter. It was great. Today I took paranuts. It came out an “soup”. I winder if it doesn’t work with paranuts? Did you try any other nuts in the meanwhile? Any idea what I could use the paranut-soup for?
    xoxo, Sabine

    • jennymustard

      wow soup ? that’s funny ! para nuts (brazil nuts) have a very high fat content i’ve heard, so they melt a bit more than some other nuts. how soupy did it get ? perhaps mix in some dates and oats and make chocolate energy balls of them ? otherwise, mix in som nutritional yeast and garlic and have a lovely cheesy pasta sauce ? or as a soup base perhaps ? hope this helps !!
      love // j

  2. Well Jenny, thank you very much. I tried both and it came out yummie! You are my food guru.

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