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here we go – i’m sharing my best minimalist hacks – interior styling tips in how to make your space feel more bright, airy, and clean. our new apartment is already bathing in light because of the big windows. but do you remember our old place ? oh man, that space was dark !

if you are, just like we used to, living in place without the luxury of huge, unobstructed windows – then this video is for you ! i have listed mine and david’s best tips on how to brighten that space. making the most out of the little natural light you have, and helping the sun out by using some artificial tricks as well.

and yeah, we’re totally planning on making another apartment tour video ! we just want to get everything a little bit better fixed yet. stay tuned kids !

love // jenny

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in this styling :
daybed* from innovation
kähler storage unit / side table*
rosendahl tray*
ikea blanket
nordlux floor lamps*
eva solo water jug* ( as vase )

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  1. Agree with all of the above! I’m not as strictly minimalist with my space as you are, but I do use a lot of these tips, especially where light is concerned. I used to think I hated all artificial light, and then I realised it was just ceiling light that I really dislike.

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