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are you a snob ? or are you more casual ? do you like to know everything about a certain subject or are you more spread out in your knowledge about wine, coffee, restaurants etc. today we share our thoughts on the topic of snobbism.

also, jenny shares a story about how she figured out feminism at a VERY early age !

we talk about :
– why is the greatest restaurant in the world serving captain crunch ?
– the man who tricked the world into drinking cheap wine !
– david’s movie snobbery ?
– jenny’s book snobbery !
– why are people pretentious ?
– why does IPA taste like lemon ?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week it’s all about inappropriate halloween costumes for children, and one costume which david defends as not so inappropriate as people think !

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love // jenny & david

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  1. Hej! Första gången jag skriver här, spännande att se om ni har tid att svara! Jag går fjärde året på Arkitektskolen i Köpenhamn och funderar på att ta ett utbyte i Berlin i vår. Är vegan och har lärt mig massor om staden via denna fina sida, tusen tack! Min fråga är varför ni funderar på att flytta därifrån? Är Berlin en stad som man tröttnar på efter en tid? Tack och hej!

  2. That’s a cool outfit, your handbag made me think of Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill. And that suit is fucking cool, I already noticed it on Instagram.

  3. Lejla Rezania

    Asså detta poddavsnittet är så jävla roligt X’D
    Det påminner mig så mycket om när jag bodde i Stockholm. Jag kan känna igen mig om att jag är snobben som använder akademiska ord och verkligen dissekerar böckerna eller filmerna. Det blev som ett backlash när jag flyttade till Skåne där fokuset är någon heeeelt annanstans. Så stor skillnad mellan landlivs-beteende och storstads-beteende.

  4. Nice pronunciation in Spanish, Just, it’s Hee-Roh-nah (Girona)
    Love you guys

    Buen viaje!

  5. There’s a real problem with people, complete strangers, giving young children a hard time over the costumes they choose to wear. Here in Canada just a few years ago a woman was removed from a gathering because a small girl was dressed as a Native person. This grown woman got in the kid’s face, scared her, ruined her night and probably scarred her just a little bit for life.

    Halloween is about fun. It’s not about politic agendas, pushing ideals, or anything besides getting free candy and have a good time. It’s a night for the kids. And people are ruining that by laying their viewpoints over things that don’t really matter.

    It doesn’t matter how a costume is described. It doesn’t matter what it is, what it’s based on or where or when it comes from. If you ever, ever have a problem with a kid’s Halloween costume then you don’t understand Halloween.

  6. I’ve been binge listening to the podcasts and there are a lot of things said that surprise me. I think you’re really nice people at heart and you genuinely want to be enlightened but you say a lot of things to the contrary. I think a lot of these things actually make you come across as pretentious and snobby at times.
    First off I don’t understand why enjoying wine and literature would be snobby or pretentious. These are things that are created for the purpose of enjoyment. I think that’s focusing on the wrong issues. Pretentious snobby people behave as if they’re better than other people who live in different circumstances than themselves. For example, saying things like people who live on the blue line are slow and stupid like country people, or mentioning that someone is “a northerner”, or a girl who wears floral dresses, like that explains what’s wrong with them. You seem to be genuine champions of oppressed races, homosexuals, and immigrants, yet you talk about people who live in, or were born in places places you consider lower class than yourselves like they’re beneath you. I don’t understand why you make that distinction. Also, why can’t a witch be slutty just because they’re ugly? My understanding is that a “slut” is a woman who is indiscriminately promiscuous; a woman with the morals of a man. Girls who are pretty aren’t automatically sluts, and girls who aren’t pretty aren’t asexual. I feel like if we ever crossed paths you would gossip about what a stupid slut I am because I’m from the country, I wear floral dresses, and I’m traditionally pretty. It would be too bad if you judged me on such superficial circumstances though because I’m actually known to be an interesting, kind, and thoughtful person. For the most part I love all the media you put out, but I wanted to comment on this one thing I’ve noticed since you created a podcast on the subject.

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