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how healthy is your diet ? are you happy with the way you eat or does your diet make you tired and sluggish ?

i used to have somewhat bad eating habits, either under- or overeating. this made me feel always either too full or too hungry, never in a good balance with my body. for the last five or six years though, i’ve custom-made a vegan whole foods diet that fits my every need : energising, nutritional, colourful and fresh, quick and easy to make, friendly on the budget and animals, not to mention tasty as hell !

in this video i go through a few ways in which i changed my diet from quite crappy to brilliant ! eating vegan, mostly whole foods ( instead of the processed stuff ), and munching on the greens like there’s no tomorrow has made the biggest difference for me. i just couldn’t be happier with my diet than i am now, and i wish that on everyone !

if you hate cooking – try listening to a podcast the next time you’re in the kitchen, like mine and david’s for example !
if you’re useless at cooking – check out my ‘cooking for dummies’ video !

love // jenny

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  1. Lina Simojoki

    Aah your pictures and videos are so simple, clean and beautiful! They always give me an inspirational mind and good vibes. Your videos and blogposts brighten up my day and I listen to your podcast every morning when I ride the bicycle to school. Keep on going Jenny x

  2. Sofía Gutiérrez

    Hi Jenny!
    I’ve been following you for a little over a year and let me tell you that since I’ve done that, you’ve inspired me to follow a much healthier way of life than I was. Thank you for encouraging me every day to continue like this! I write to you from Santa Cruz – Bolivia and I send David and you good vibes and best wishes! Love you both

  3. Jenny all of your videos and so informative and beautiful :) I love cooking but I still listen to podcasts in the kitchen because it makes the whole experience even more fun!! Sending love xo

  4. thanks for the next amazing video Jenny! it makes my sunday morning much better and positive! I am already happy with the way i am eating but it is so nice to hear your advices! i also love to listen your podcasts guys while cooking!

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