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we all procrastinate from time to time. now autumn is here – and that means going back to school or the office ! so here’s a highly requested topic – productivity. how do we find that balance of getting shit done and still have enough time to enjoy our free time ? and how do we turn netflix off and get going on both boring chores AND fun passion projects !?
i asked you guys for your questions on the subject and here are my thoughts !

i talk about :
– how to deal with boring must-do’s !
– getting out of a procrastinating rut ?
– staying focused in the time of digital distraction !?
– what to do when you’re feeling a little dull and not so creative ?
– organising your ideas into killer results !
– should you take breaks as a student or freelancer !
– do i take breaks !?
– making big plans and sticking to them !
– how to handle being a perfectionist without burning out !

now i’d love to hear your best tips ! how do we keep up the productivity at the same time as being kind to ourselves, hit me in the comments !

and like i mentioned in the video, my book is FINALLY out in stores !
barnes & nobles, amazon, your local book shop (in the us anyway) – go get your own copy ^.^
and please tell me if you like it in a little insta story or dm or something, i’m dying to know what you think !!

love // jenny

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  1. Great advice, Jenny! Would love to see some minimalism and vegan recipe posts! Heck I love seeing everything you post! Keep up the great work

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