HOW TO : the only tomato sauce you’ll ever need

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making a delicious and healthy tomato sauce shouldn’t be a complicated matter – throwing a few things in a pot and letting it simmer until you need it.
and like the minimalist i am, i like using one basic tomato sauce, no matter what tomato based dish i’m cooking. why complicate things ?

tomato sauce :
2 onions, chopped
4 garlic cloves, finely chopped
a couple of tbsp of water
3 tbsp tomato paste
4 – 6 dates (depending on size), chopped
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp pepper (black and white)
1 tbsp dried oregano
1000 ml tomato passata

– cook the onion and garlic in a bit of water for a few minutes, until slightly transparent
– add the tomato paste, dates, and spices, and stir fir a few minutes
– pour in the tomato passata, and let simmer under a lid until you’re ready for it. the flavours just deepens the longer it simmers, so there’s no rush to serve
– serve as is, or add whatever flavour you want to go with the dish you’re making. i’m serving it over whole-wheat pasta and chickpeas, with spinach, capers, nutritional yeast and basil. simple but serious yum !
why not serve it with my recipe for homemade vegan pasta that you can make without a pasta machine ? so much fun !

tomatosauce4tomatosauce5 tomatosauce6tomatosauce8

let me know if you try this recipe, or any other of my recipes. i love to see your photos as well, so tag me if you take a pic of your version of any of my recipes ^^

and let me know if there’s any other type of dish you want me to simplify for you – i always appreciate your suggestions !

love // jenny


  1. As an Italian a good pasta & tomato sauce are versatile staples in my kitchen, even though now that I’ve been living in Africa for almost 1 year I must confess I haven’t been making them often enough.
    Your tomato sauce intrigues me a lot, I’ve never added any sugar to my sauce and never even thought of using dates… but I guess I will, I’m too curious now :)

    • jennymustard

      you should try it :D it enhances the tomato flavour ! i hope you’ll like it, let me know how it went if you do try it :)
      love // j

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  3. Hi Jenny

    Your blog and videos are just so beautiful. Everything about it, the light, grading, music, you and of course the food. Waiting for the day that David will make a cameo appearance! I am going to make your kimchi, sauerkraut and tomato sauce today. Can’t wait for your book to be released in South Africa!

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  6. Hi Jenny, Would tomato passata be what we in US know as crushed tomatoes, or a tomato puree?

    I really appreciate the effort you’re making here. Thanks!

  7. Virgo Nerviosa

    Hello :). I tried it at last. Well … with plain old blended & cooked tomatoes. And whole sugar instead of dates (but I will definitely make another try with dates too, sounds like a great idea). And no extra water. But here was where I took the inspiration from ^_^. I still can improve but it was tasty :). Thank you !

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  10. Hi jenny, I found you and your blog just today…and I am in love with your tomato sauce … I am going to make it soon. But a question in mind: How would you preserve it? In a refrigerator or a made it freeze?! :D

  11. I’ve made this recipe twice and it’s delicious!!! Everyone loves it. Thanks for sharing :)

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