INTERIOR : easiest & cheapest DIY minimalist table

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ok so this is not one of our usual videos. this is more an impromptu talk about how we created the easiest and cheapest DIY desk ever made. we also use it as a dining room table by the way.

so we didn’t actually film making it, so this is more an explanation what we did – hope you don’t mind. this whole thing was unplanned and spontaneous ^.^

the table is big, yet very light and sleek looking. i love the plywood colour and texture. it was ment to be more of a temporary solution to our ‘no desk to work at’ problem, but after seeing the result, i think this might be one of those temporary cum permanent solutions. we’ll see !

haven’t checked out our apartment tour video yet ? take a look at what our place looks like here !

oh and did i tell you about the smell of this table ?
heavenly !

specifics :
legs from ikea – 2 x €6
200 x 45 cm  plywood sheets, 12 mm thick – 2 x €5.60
wood glue – 1 x €4
180 x 60 cm plywood sheet, 15mm thick – 1 x €7
sandpaper – 1 x €2

( we asked them to cut the plywood to the right size in the hardware store )

jennymustarddiytable3 copyjennymustarddiytable7 copy

do let us know if you want more interior design / DIY / budget decor tip videos. we’d love to make them – so much fun.

love // jenny

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  1. You could pant it Black og pant a white square in the mittle ofte the table :-)

  2. I definitely love the idea of you making a video about how to decorate or fill up an apartment cheaply in a way that it looks expensive :)

  3. The table looks amazing.
    I love the idea of You making a video about decorate apartment and some diy video.

  4. I enjoy your films very much
    just one concern I thought that glue used in plywood may contain formaldehyde

  5. Jenny, you and David do an amazing job. And you have learned English quickly and beautifully. Let me just make a little critique on your use of “me and David”. That would be incorrect grammar, as you start a sentence. It is correct to say David and I” (subjective) unless you are using it in this way – Life as been good for David and me. (Objective).
    I could only wish I could do as well in French as you two do in English. But, using the proper case will be a great improvement. Hugs.

  6. LOVE this table! I’ll call it “rustic chic.”

    I do have a question though, do you feel you need to seal it before using it? Then again, all pock marks and possible stains you’ll get over time will certainly add to the charm of the piece.

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