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oh man oh man oh man our kitchen just went from meeeh to oh-la-la.
as you might know, david and i are anything but handy. we don’t know anything about carpentry, painting, drilling, or laying roofs. nor do we feel the need to really.

so i have to admit to being a bit proud of us for taking on a little weekend project last weekend – painting our beautiful ziito shelf.
after we showed it to you guys in our latest apartment tour video, we got so many comments on the kitchen shelf. it seemed like that was definitely one of the most popular pieces in our new home.
and well deserved, it truly is unique and unusual – in an understated, minimal, and industrial way.


but you know we are serious white addicts and we wanted our kitchen to feel a bit brighter. said and done, we went to the hardware store. we’ve been spending way too much time there lately, to be honest…

and the result ? after 4 (!) coatings you can still see slightly darker streaks from the wood underneath the paint, but i don’t think anyone but us would ever notice.
and with these beautiful glass storage jars that we still need to find things to fill with, i feel like our kitchen has gone through a serious upgrade. we’re loving it !


in this styling :
ziito shelf
rosendahl glass jars
kähler ceramic plates, bowls and cups
eva solo pots & pans + white salad bowls + garlic press ( my new fav )
connox tea pot & cups
nordlux wall light
applicata decoration ( as napkin holder )
my kilos cable with lamp bulb
södahl apron
( all sponsored )
+ glasses, glass mugs, place mats, and wok pan from ikea. and recycled small glass jars for spices.

jennymustardkitchenupdate1 jennymustardkitchenupdate8

now i need to go do some food shopping, to fill up those final empty glass jars. i’m thinking beans, buckwheat, and a large batch of granola !

love // jenny

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  1. Beautiful! I’m so glad you link to all of these things. I definitely need to put a lot of these on my wish list.

  2. Love those jars! Serious inspiration for me as I’ve just moved and I’m looking for more pretty, open-storage options like this!

  3. Everything is so beautiful – but a bit out of my proce range unfortunately! :(
    Anyway, it’s lovely to see those in your kitchen. :)

  4. Everything is so beautiful – but a bit out of my price range unfortunately! :(
    Anyway, it’s lovely to see those in your kitchen. :)

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  6. Oh yes it looks beautiful. You know that kitchen is actually the most important room in the house, therefore it has to look great!

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