INTERIOR : my printable minimalist calendar 2017

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last year i shared my printable minimalist calendar with you guys as a little xmas present. a ( surprisingly big ) number of you have asked if i could make another for this year, and of course i’m more than happy to oblige !

so without further ado – here’s my calendar for 2017 !

in this styling :
interstil sideboard*
bloomingville lamp* and wire basket*
wire organiser* and magazine holder* from house doctor
coaster* from mwa
rug* from dutchbone

*press gift product

now go plan how to take over the world !

love // jenny

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    • HI JENNY! I love your inspiration and lifestlye really much! of couse, and this lovable calendar excited to meet the 2018 version hhhhh~ luv you❤

  1. This is realy great!! Thank you so much! I love it!!!

    P.S. Please make do tell where did you get all your beautiful dishes. Plates and bowls! I love them so much!!

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  3. Thank you ! I have been watching and stalking your instagram non stop since i discovered your channel yesturday xx

  4. Thank you so much for the calendar. I follow you in youtube and instagram. You are a huge inspiration to me, I’ve made before a post in my blog about you and used two photos of you, I hope you don’t mind about it. I only wanted to show how much you mean to me as “teacher” and inspiration person.
    Love to see your videos on youtube, they are very calm and sweet. Thank you for all the tips. xoxo

  5. I love it! Thank you so much, Jenny!
    Love your videos and photos so much.
    You’re inspiring me.

  6. Dear Jenny, you are amazing… I love your videos, I watch it every day, again and again. You are me big inspiration. You choose a very nice life way and I wish you a lot of success. Your dreams will be reality 100 %
    Good luck and lot of love for you and David ❤

  7. Oops, I commented on last years’ calendar post, I think? Meant to post it here. Anyway thanks again!

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you so much for a very beautifully laid out calendar.
    Hopefully you could optimise your searchability as I have been poking about for most of January looking for a lovely, free, Monday-Sunday layout, very hard to find!! After giving up I found yours by accident via your minimalist youtube vids. Just printed and ready to go now!
    Thanks again
    Jacqui from Sydney

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  10. Kait Elizabeth

    Thanks Jenny! I’m trying to get used to the European Monday-Sunday calendar and this is perfect! Love how minimal and clean it is- helps take the stress (and mess) out of planning!

  11. Thank you,

    Love from London. Every morning I watch your videos, it helped me a lot to declutter and be more organized.

    I am dyspraxic and time management is a real issue for me but your advice has helped me.

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  13. Hi Jenny,
    Will you be offering printable version for 2018 as well? This style works extremely well for clarity.

  14. Hi Jenny, same here! I need a printable version 2018 to sort my life. I love it! Will you design one for 2018? Love from Hamburg

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