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by the time you read this, i’m probably on my way to the airport flying back to sweden for the holidays.
this means that my sunday video this week will actually come up tomorrow – so sorry about that guys !

to make it up to all you minimalists out there, here’s a little treat for you.

my winter holiday gift for you is this printable minimalistic calendar. i made one for last year and i loved it so much that i’ve made another one for 2016 and thought that some of you might want one too ?


if you scroll down to the end of this blog post you’ll find a pdf you can download. all you have to do is print it out, and find some way to hang it ( i’m using a black clipboard, but hang it anyway you like ).
sorry about october btw… couldn’t fit it better than that ^^


this calendar is so sleek and clean that i’ve noticed over the past year that i’m reluctant to fill it with too much. this sort of makes me aware of the plans i make, and somehow makes me want to plan more carefully, only doing things for work or pleasure that i really want to do.


i hope that this minimalist calendar will inspire me and you both to be more thoughtful with our time and energy. and that every time we write something on it, we make sure it’s worth our while.

love // jenny

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click to print your own calendar :



  1. Great gift. Thank you, Jenny.
    Enjoy holidays with loved ones.
    I wish it would snow where I live.
    Love me a snowy Christmas!

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  3. So nice of you to share this lovely minimal calendar with us. I’m downloading it as we speak. Thanks!

  4. This calendar feels very much like concrete art to me – besides being very useful that is.

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  7. My homies and I love this calendar and have been using it for months! We were wondering if Santa Mustard has one in store for 2017 as well? We’d be soooo happy :’) Love, Daisy

  8. This is lovely – I’ve been meaning to print it since last week but finally have an opportunity now. So excited to use it. Thanks Jenny!

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