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on one of mine and david’s final days in portland, me and sara made this !

it’s an origami wall decoration made out of regular printer paper. we’ve been talking about this little project for ages – i had seen something similar in an interior design magazine, and sara had seen one at a portland restaurant.

kind of neat huh ? i can’t wait to see what it will look like when it’s framed and hung on sara and ian’s wall in portland.


the whole thing took about a day to make all in all. but that of course depends on how large you want it and which type of origami folds you choose. we just went old school and did these figures that you used to make as a kid – remember ?

we call them fleas in sweden, but i’ve seen someone refer to them as origami fortune tellers too. what do you call them ? or maybe they’re not common where you’re from ?

either way they’re super easy to fold, but look quite intricate right ? you can of course make this wall decoration with any type of origami fold that you like. just get a large paper to use as a background, preferably in a bit thicker material, and attach your origami figures with paper glue. easy as can be !

if you do want to use the origami flea, like we did – me and sara did a little tutorial for you below !


ok first up, make sure you use a square paper. you can fold a triangle on a rectangular paper if you want, and then just cut the extra bit off – now you have a square paper with a fold in the middle !
try a few different sizes before you choose.

then fold again, so that you create a cross fold. this way you’ll know where the middle of the paper is.

next up : take one of the edges of your paper and fold so that the tip reaches the middle of the paper.

repeat with all four tips.

flip the whole thing over and repeat – folding so that each tip reaches the middle of the paper, using the cross in the middle as a reference.

done !
try to be extra careful to fold it precise. and make sure to press down hard when folding, so that the figure stays folded.

fun right !
i can’t wait to get an apartment of my own to start making all kinds of origami art. i find these sort of decorations perfect for us aesthetic minimalists, since the whiteness of it won’t bother your eyes on a white wall, but you still get some texture and play-of-light which is fun.
what do you think ?

oh btw guys, there’s a lovely feature of me in swedish food magazine GF glutenfri matglädje, for those swedish readers out there ^^

love // jenny

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  1. this is such a great idea, i might make one for my friend but with a few with intricate line drawings mixed in just for a little more intrigue :~) in australia we call these chatterboxes!

  2. In Switzerland (in the french speaking area at least) we call them “coin-coin” because for us they look like duckbills and therefore we decided to call them after the sound the ducks make in french. :)

    • oh how cute !! amazing that we all make these little guys and make up new names for them in each country ^_^

      • Yes indeed! I know that in France they also call them “cocotte”! This word has several meanings in french. It can be translated in english by casserole, stewpan, hen, darling, honey, love, painted lady etc etc :)

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