INTERIOR : our minimalist apartment tour | the fully furnished result

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here it is – the final result and the third and last episode of our minimalist apartment tour. our berlin flat is now almost fully furnished and decorated.

for every episode our place has slowly become more and more something resembling a normal home. although the high ceiling and naked walls still create a hollow echo ( the horrible fate of all of us with the minimalist aesthetic ), it’s now quite a nice space.
it has all the comfort, amenities and convenience of a normal home, but still with a cleanness and calm that a minimalist, uncluttered style gives. at least that’s what i think. it’s not in any way perfect, but it sure is quite cool.

a big thank you to all the brands that have sponsored us with their gorgeous stuff, helping us create the best home office and test kitchen possible :
ziito – innovation – rosendahl – kähler – eva solo – connox – nordlux – glimt – my kilos – södahl – ton – westwing – dutchbone – holmegaard – nuance – mater – SHAPES – by lassen – aquanova – lundia – bloomingville – casper – domo design – hartô – house doctor – makers with agendas – ok design – philips – interstil

wow, you guys – i’m completely shocked to see this list above. i can’t believe we’ve been able to work with so many amazing interior design, home decor, kitchenware, and furniture brands for our little working-from-home project. i’m amazed !


and finally, thank you so much to YOU guys for watching this series !
it’s been so much fun sharing this process with you, and getting all your support, ideas, and well-wishes.
as always, you’re totally the best !

love // jenny

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how gorgeous are our new daybeds from innovation !?

also, if you know swedish, you should deffo go get a copy of therese lindgren’s new book. it’s so bloody good !
thanks for sending it therese ^.^


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! And yes, I relate to the hollow echoes problem. The customers I speak to on the phone often ask if I live in an empty house, haha!

  2. Hey, can you please list what comes from what brand and what the names are? I’m looking for something to sit on :)

  3. I have read your blog for some months now for insipiration for minimalistic living. I recently discovered the perfect sofa table and thought i should tip you about it, maybe you’ll love it as much as me! Its from Bolia and is called “the bowl”, dont know who the designer is though (but since you’re swedish you probably know Bolia).

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  5. Hello. Can I ask You to describe were I can buy everythnig? If it is possible i’m from Slovakia.

    Thank U

  6. Instead of a television, I highly recommend a projector! We love that we can show our movies on the ceiling from the comfort of our bed or as big as a wall when friends are over. It takes up very little space. We have it connected to apple tv and the kindle fire stick so we can watch movies from our computer, netflix, hulu, youtube, etc. I love ours!

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