INTERIOR : things you find yourself living with when subletting

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a lot of things have happened this week.
we moved into our new flat on tuesday and gave ourselves an iphone each to celebrate.
well, when i say “new flat”, i’m exaggerating. we’re subletting a lovely apartment in a 1930s house for 6 months.
wooden floors. high ceilings. huge kitchen. sunlight all day. white walls… someone else’s furniture !?

as a minimalist, how do you survive 6 months living with someone else’s stuff ? i don’t know, i just moved in.
i’ll tell you what my plan is though – i’ll move as much stuff out of sight as possible. hiding knick-knacks in cupboards and boxes, and pretending they aren’t there. throwing huge sheets of white fabric over all the colourful furniture and paintings.

it should be alright. luckily the owners of the flat have nice taste. even though it isn’t exactly our taste, it’s still nice. so we should manage.

i went a little crazy with my new iphone camera this morning. so let me introduce some of my new flat mates to you through the beautiful eye of the vsco cam (it’s my first try and i’m having so much fun). pretty details of my new (temporary) home :

flat26 flat7  flat9flat10 flat11

footstool covered in white fabric.
flat12  flat14flat15 flat16

my homemade minimalist calendar already hanging in the background.flat37flat17flat6

flat13flat18 flat19flat35

the all-day sunlight makes shadows everywhere.

last but not least. say hello to our new pet. i give you – the chandelier.
flat29 flat30 flat31 flat32

thanks for checking in. i hope that you’ll visit again.
i’ll upload some more pics of the progress of “minimalistifying” the place soon ^^

as for now – i’m showing you the door.

just wanted to thank everyone of you who took the time to watch my very personal #bodyimagepledge video last sunday. i’m so grateful, and a little bit overwhelmed by some very touching responses.
if you haven’t seen it yet but would like to, click here.

love // jenny


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