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the scandi lifestyle concepts are taking over the online world ! the latest trend, trying its best to take the crown from danish trend sensation hygge is the swedish word lagom. what does it mean ? and do we really think lagom is something we should be encouraging anyone to aspire to ?

we talk about :
– what is lagom !?
– what we think of it !
– where is the land of lagom ?
– is lagom really the best (as the saying goes) ?
– is lagom kind of similar to the japanese culture ?
– is a swedish compliment almost an insult ?
– are we lagom or not ?
– why does jenny really eat so much !?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week is epic ! if you’ve been listening for awhile, you know that our nemesis in life is the internet distributor telekom. in this episode we read an email we got from one of their employees who simply have had enough and it’s not afraid to say it !

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  1. Hi Jenny and David!

    I retired last September, I’m 64yo and my life is so Logom! got to do something about that

  2. Hey guys, I love listening to you both! Unabridged means it is the complete, unshortened version. It usually means more listening time on Audible too. Abridged= shorter edition. And I think maybe a good English word for lagom might technically be ‘adequate’. Although maybe you wouldn’t say that. What do you think? xo

  3. I liked this episode a lot! You are critical about new “trends” like lagom. By the way, I didn’t know anything about lagom, so thank you for educating me in such a nice way! Jennys’ story about being jealous because she wasn’t the tallest girl in her class anymore :D it was hilarious, so thank you for making me laugh.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Sandra Kester

    Really enjoy all your media presentations. Growing up in the 60’s I had a Swedish pen friend who stayed with our family many times. She was a minimalist, simple and stylish. This was very unusual in British culture. After the podcast I realize she was also lagom. I love hearing your voices because the accent reminds me of this sweet friend.

  5. Awesome episode! I especially liked your Telekom story.
    What is funny though: I am also from Germany but I get Swedish commercials on your podcast. Today I got the “Dubbel Cheese Dubbel Bacon” Mc Donald’s one XD

  6. I totally agree. After hearing you explain it, I’m not sure Americans could do lagom if we tried. ;) Also I’m laughing out loud because acast is playing the strangest commercials in this episode! I’m in the U.S. but the ads are not in English. I assume they’re Swedish? But I can understand what they’re saying “double cheese. double bacon. Double Cheese. Double Bacon. DOUBLE CHEESE! DOUBLE BACON!” The guy is basically yelling by the end. Then it plays the McDonald’s jingle. I’m fine with ads, cuz I want you guys to get paid! It’s just hilarious. I’m vegan… You’re vegan… And you’re mellow and that commercial is so NOT mellow. What on Earth is acast thinking? Lol! ;D P.S. I love the 5 vids a week again!

  7. Hi Jenny, Hi David,
    Will see that I subscribe to you via iTunes, hope to find you there! This sounds like a truly interesting post. I used to live in Karlstadt for a year and would say that I experienced the lagom concept to a good degree, but truly curious to find out more.
    PS, here is my take on Sweden:
    xx finja

  8. Haha I was curious about “Lagom” so this timing was perfect. I had the word saved on my pinterest so I would remember to look it up and just went back to delete it… Hygge is far and away better!

  9. This podcast is really interesting! You two have lovely personalities and great advices.
    Thank you for your work!

    ps: About the Telekom story I’ve got the Dubbel Cheese Dubbel Bacon ad since last week…. :p

  10. I really enjoyed listening to this :) it’s so peaceful and relaxing. I work from home so it feels nice listening to others chat, it almost brings the feeling of an office again :)

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  12. Quite an interesting fact about Sweden and Swedish, thank you. I would definetly translate it with the word appropriate, because it also has a pain-in-the-ass kinda connotation.
    I really enjoy listening to your podcasts while driving in a bus, it’s super interesting and fun.

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