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what life was like before the internet. this week we discuss our memories of an easier time, or was it actually easier without facebook, instagram and the all-seeing altavista ? listen and find out.

we talk about :
– the encyclopedia !
– IRL maps vs GPS in phones !
– the beginning of viral videos !
– was boyz 2 men the best 90s soul group ?
– going on vacation, now vs then !
– all the weird chats and getting catfished back in the day !?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week it’s all about gnomes, forest spirits and trolls. can these creatures make life miserable for their neighbours ?

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love // jenny & david

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  1. The boys to men story was so funny!

    Listening to you two whilst writing my PhD thesis helps when my morale gets low!

  2. I’m listening from finland and my ad is in swedish. :D Not going to swedish McDonalds.

  3. I’m sure you get asked this alot but what brand if your tea cup?
    I would love to give one as a birthday present to my friend

  4. I love your podcast, but i’d love for it to be a video format as well. (re: the topic at the start after the McD ad talk :P ) But I would love a live stream too! They’re great.

  5. It’s so weird to get swedisch mc Donald advertisement for a bacon burger with extra bacon. Not because it is swedisch and I am from Belgium, but because it’s about meat and you guys are vegans.
    Still you guys are amazing and I really enjoy your podcasts!

  6. Those McDonald’s ads are hilarious. So funny that even though it’s in German, I know exactly what they’re selling. “Double cheese! Double bacon!.” I’m a vegan so I think I’ll go to my favorite vegan restaurant and get a “meaty” sub. They use mushrooms for the meat. So good!

    This was one of the funniest episodes of your podcast. I enjoyed it a lot. Love from Thailand. (I’m an American expat.) I always listen to your podcast when I cook and clean.

  7. Love listening to the podcasts when I am working, or when I am cooking. Get that money! really its poor marketing on McDonalds part and if anyone should get paid for their dumbness it might as well be both of you! Id rather a couple of vegans get money to help contribute to making more Vegan content online than some off sour kraut of a person. SO get that cash!

  8. You guys are so funny and lovely! I love listening to you, no matter what topic
    (Oh in Germany it was on Swedish as well, the ad I mean)

  9. Hey, guys! I love listening to your podcasts in the morning. You guys manage to be funny and calming to listen to at the same time, you’re great! I think it’ll be easier for people find your podcasts if you post them on YouTube. You should definitely go for live streaming.

  10. That’s so funny! I started playing this podcast with the intent of leaving a comment about the ad and David started talking about it! This ad is so funny because 1) it’s a vegan channel and 2) I’m pretty sure if I tried to go into my local McDonald’s here in Illinois (USA) and handed them 30kr, they would look at my like I was crazy. DUBBLE CHEESE DUBBLE BACON (stuck in my head constantly!)

  11. Where I’m from, accidents in forested areas arent gnomes or trolls or imps. We firmly believe (and know and have seen haha) that accidents are caused by these mystical creatures called deer. They’re …. everywhere.

    i swear. when i hear this advertisement one more time I will go CRAZY.

  13. This is so weird funny! I’m a swede living in Germany and out of some reason, I’m getting the Swedish advertisement. Dubbel Ost Dubbel Bacon

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