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now it’s the mustard’s turn to tackle the subject of #MeToo and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.
it’s an incredibly important topic that we only scratch the surface on in this episode and we try to steer the conversation to how women are portrayed in movies and tv. something we’re kind of experts in at this point, not to brag but hey it’s true.

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we talk about :
– you fight like a girl
– harvey, kevin and louis
– nurturing women in movies
– miss representation
– feminism in entertainment
– pc culture: what is it good for?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week it’s all about the british property developer that ‘sticks it to the man’ bo nordebo style !

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love // jenny & david

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  1. Hi! <3

    So I'm a woman, in my ealy 30's. I'm not sure I've ever been sexually harassed, at least not by any adults. When we were kids there the occasional jokes about my large chest, but it never went beyond that. That's not to say people haven't tried to harrass me or belittle me because I'm female, but I've always been effective at shutting it down.

    Actually, I guess my parents, who were horrible, made the worst gender-based and hurtful comments to my face. But they also did to my brother and sister. But I think it's because I quickly grew tired of that treatment that I'm able to get in the face of anyone who tries to do the same thing.

    I've found that people who harrass, especially men, are only tough on the surface, like they're making up for their own percieved inadequacy, and as soon as you present a certain amount of challenge they back down. Or they become hysterical and resort to yelling crass things while backing away. But they still back away.

    • When you’ve “always been effective at shutting it down”, what did you shut down? Harassment? Well then it seems pretty clear to me you got harrassed.

  2. Hello from Sister-City Hamburg!

    First time listening to your Podcast after finding your YT-Channel a couple of days ago.
    Really like your content so far, keep going and all the best to you guys.


  3. Hi! I’m from Milan, and I can assure you feminism is strong here :D I think part of the media in my country attacked her because she, in the past, didn’t behave very correctly with “the media world”, though I’m young so I can’t exactly remember why. Most of the people that attacked her did it only for the purpose of “making some gossip”: in fact, the kind of “newspapers” attacking her were gossip magazines…and the people who acted mad at her are famous for yelling stupid ideas around (we may not have the Kardashians but we’re not out of “celebrities”!…). A big hug, Jenny and David! :-*

    • oh this is so good to know !! thank you so much for giving us a better image of italian feminism…! :D
      happy sunday <3

  4. Your Podcast always makes me feel at home. Right now I’m at a hotel during a business trip and felt so uncomfortable until I turned on your podcast. Instant relax & hygge. Thank you very much. <3

  5. Oh my god i love this look so much Jenny! Have you let your brows grow again or you just draw them one in a while?

  6. In Italy there’s a bank actually called Banca Etica, they’re all about microcredit and supporting ethical companies and charities. I’ll have to switch to it someday but it’s much more expensive… It isn’t much of a justification, I know -.-‘

    I’m so relieved you guys got Italy out of your list. You’d contribute to the evolution of the country if you were to live here, I’m sure, but in the meanwhile you’d have to do hundreds of rant-podcasts! Don’t come. I mean, come, but on vacation :)

  7. Ahh, you guys are the best! I always feel like I’m listening to friends! I love your sweet, but honest conversations. Thanks Mustards!
    Love from Prague! (Don’t even get me started on sexism in this country! )

  8. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never been sexually harassed. I live in Australia and I grew up in Japan. I might describe that I’m not the most attractive person but also I guess I’ve managed to avoid being in situations where it might be rampant.

    I’ve been thinking for a while to switch to a credit union. They’re not apart of a big coorporation and the bank account holders have a say in how it’s run. They might be worth your consideration.

  9. Thank you for this episode. I always enjoy listening to your thoughts on different topics. I am in Japan for one year working holiday and its really interesting what you say about this country. Its true that many women here don’t even know what the word feminism means, because they are just so used to the way society treats them. On one side they have host bars and pictures of half naked anime girls just looking “kawaii” everywhere and on the other there are only women cars on subway, cause during rush hour woman are getting touched. I wonder why?! Never happened to me btw. Its more that they try to avoid situations that could cause problems. I experienced that when I couldn’t book a bus ticket to go on a day trip, cause the last free spot was next to a guy and the tourist office wouldn’t give it to me. Besides that I do love the country a lot and I am sure you would too. Great people and culture.
    Sorry its so long, but anyway “Greetings from Sapporo” And yes, great Beer!

  10. First of all I don’t usually write comments on the internet but you both are so great that I’m having weird urge to express my feelings towards you. Love to listen to your talks, it’s like friends coming to visit, instant mood booster :)
    Second, Jenny, do you maybe remember title of the book you’ve mentioned?

    (and yes, #metoo)

  11. Not trying to hate you speaking and talking at the same time anoys me sorry

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