MINIMALISM : 5 things i never buy

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i’m not an ascetic person. i do enjoy things quite a lot. i just don’t want to fill my space ( or my mind ) with unnecessary stuff that doesn’t mean anything to me or doesn’t make my life easier in some way.

therefore i’ve made a list of things i never buy. or rather situations in which i leave my wallet alone. i’ve learnt that not reaching for my cash is quite often going to make me happier in the long run.

we are not all the same though. for some of you this might not make any sense at all. for others, it might be exactly how you yourself reason. whatever makes you happy.
( without completely killing the planet of course ! )

love // jenny

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  1. You’re a blinking inspiration, I’m half way through my purge of things I no longer use and getting ready to travel :-)

  2. One thing I love about moving house is that it gives me yet another convenient excuse for going through my stuff and throwing out whatever has served its purpose. I love it!

    The only “things” that mean a lot to me are books, music related stuff, as well as swords and bows and other weapons I train with. Clothes and shoes? Nah… But as you say, to each their own :-)

  3. Dear Jenny,
    I watched your YT videos and I’m trying to think like a minimalist. I wish I could have less stuff, but I have “it may be usuful in the future” attitude, additionally I make jewellery so my work space is more than a laptop – I have a loooot of things for my work. Being minimalist is good for your wallet and planet. We have to defend ourselves against the marketing of various things which tries sold them to us.

  4. Hey Jenny! These are such great tips! I wish I could do the same – sometimes I just can’t control myself… especially when I see a bargain. Really working on changing my attitude lately. Let’s see how it goes!
    Question for you – when did you discover your style or have you always been so conscious about what you like?

    Tatjana xx

  5. Hi Jenny!
    Great video :) I really enjoy watching it when I feel the urge to buy something online I don’t really need.
    I love the white shirt you are wearing in the video – which brand or designer is it from?


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