MINIMALISM : how to not go bankrupt this xmas + my wish list | Groupon collab

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this was a lot of fun – Groupon asked me to share my favourite money saving tips for christmas.
and you know i love all types of budget hacks, so of course i wanted to make a holiday edition !
not only that, but i’ve also checked out Groupon marketplace and made my very own christmas wish list – with both my favourite deals on products and on fun adventures around berlin.

so a big thank you to Groupon for sponsoring this post, and let’s get into the xmas budget tips !
( my wish list to be found below the video )

my groupon christmas wish list :

– on the very top of my list is the adventure i mentioned in the video : a live-escape-game !
oh i want to try this one so bad, and they have it here in berlin ! i’ve had this kind of experience on my bucket list for as long as i can remember.

– i would love to make our movie experiences at home a little bit amped-up, with some sort of great sound system. these speakers also have the bonus of looking kind of nice, don’t they ? they don’t call us movie nerds for nothing.

– i’ve been getting into learning more about wine for the last couple of months. i’ve read a few books and tried to learn about the taste at home, so a proper wine tasting would be the next step !

– something that we really need is new luggage. our current bags are in a horrible state – ugly, half-broken, worn. the only question is, which set is cuter – this one in grey or this one in silver ?

– i’ve never been to ballet in my life. isn’t that sad !
the nutcracker ? don’t mind if i do !


what do you have on your christmas wish list ? anything you’ve been dying to get your hands on lately ? i want to know ^.^

a big thank you to Groupon for making me think hard about how to save money this holiday season, and making me realise how many fun activities there are in my own city to explore ! i’m gonna hand that list to david right now and keep my fingers crossed i’ll find myself in an escape-room adventure come christmas !

love // jenny

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*this post is sponsored by Groupon. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. I have never heard of Groupon before, it looks like a cool site for getaway ideas. Plus I loved seeing your food in this video, it gives me ideas of what to make for our Christmas dinner.

  2. Nice list :-) I don’t do christmas, but as a pagan, I celebrate the Winter Solstice and I’ll make little bags of healthy, raw vegan sugar-free sweets for a few specially good friends.

  3. like your blog very much and i am always looking forward to your next post. i don’t have anything like a wish list, but my grandma is always nagging on me when it comes to it.. anyway, i prefer the luggage in silver. :) greetings from switzerland

  4. Hi! I loved this video so much! I’m wondering if you could make a video (or bloggpost, or whatever) on more wish-list-ideas? All of my family members are starting to ask me what I want for Christmas, but after becoming more of a minimalist lately, I do not see much value in getting a bunch of useless gifts anymore, that will eventually end up taking up too much space. Since you are a minimalist, I guess you can relate to this, and it would be so so cool and very helpful if you could help come up with some ideas? Btw I love your videos and you blog <3

    • I always prefer experiences or to learn something new instead of physical gifts. A few years ago my family bought me a voucher for a local crochet class and now I can make them all crocheted gifts like scarves and blankets. Sometimes it’s nice to receive a voucher for something pampering or to try something new like a cookery class. I don’t like to buy my family ‘things’ because they always buy the things they want, instead I buy tickets for things we can do together like go to the theatre or a comedy show – we live in London so there’s a lot of choice and usually a Groupon offer! ;)

    • Hi Julie, I usually ask my family for special food gifts like hemp or nut oil, superfoods, grains..they know everything coming from the health food store is a win. They give us experiences on bigger occasions, but the truth is we don’t have the time to do them! We have 4 different nights away and one go kart voucher, but never make the time!
      Candles are also a good gift for us as we use them all the time, and soap bars..also whenever we have a bigger wish (new camera lens etc) they can all chip in if they want.
      Hope this can help to sone extent.

  5. Jenny, it was a nice video! Make more on the topic of Christmas, please! I like grey suitcases more, but it’s up to you to decide. Have a good week<3

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