MINIMALISM : the 5 worst things about being a minimalist

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we always talk about all the benefits with minimalism in our videos and blog post – because it truly is lovely to us.
but what about the negatives ?
of course, there are things when living a minimalist life that can sometimes be a bit… annoying.

in today’s video we have a bit of light-hearted fun, about the struggles you can run into as a minimalist. let’s watch !

are you a minimalist ? what struggles have you been dealing with ? do you find it easy to simplify and declutter ?

hope you enjoyed this more easy-going version of a minimalist video, and that you’ll have a brilliant day !

love // jenny & david

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  1. I have to say, much as I appreciate all the work you two put into your podcasts, the videos are where it’s really at! I just love watching them :-)

  2. Curtains really help absorbe the echo :)
    I adore your channel/blog. Your posts on hygge/mys made me realize that’s exactly what i want for my home, but was not able to put into words.

  3. I’m recently vegan(seriously like two weeks) and hoping my family will get over picking on me. My mom just keeps naming all the food I wont eat and my brother says “you f***ing vegan” when I politely refuse something he’s offered. Been watching your channel for almost 4 months now and Its beautiful. Keep up the good work!

    • Stumbled upon this blog and your comment and I just wanted to say that I hope it’s gotten better. I’ve been vegan over a year now but I am fortunate to have a very supportive family environment. Just know that you’ll never be able to change some people’s minds, but just stay positive and calm in knowing that you’re doing the right thing. And you’re never alone! There are so many vegans out there who know what you’re going through <3

  4. I try to have some sort of minimalist view on my life when choosing whether to buy something or when cleaning my room. I have to say that this past Christmas was very hard because I wanted to make it clear to my family that I did not want any clothes, jewelry, or books. They don’t know exactly what my tastes are all the time and I want to be the one to decide if something else should take up space in my room or not. My dad replied very unsympathetically. He really doesn’t get it.

  5. Hej Jenny
    behöver du tips tar bort på vita kläder eller sängkläder
    Så har jag många tips som är miljövänligt
    jag har alltid såpa som tar bort på fläcken innan tvättar
    Som också använder rengör golvet, toaletten och handfatet
    Man kan använda mycket med såpa finns neutral, tallbar doft eller gul såpa eller citronsåpa jag gillar citronsåpa luktar citron överallt

  6. Hi, for me the worst thing about minimalism is that I love this decor so much and right now there are more and more new items in this particular style that it’s really hard to resist. And because I’m minimalist, I don’t buy it, but this feeling of wanting it is really annoying :D

  7. Thanks so much for this awesome video. The worst thing about minimalism…is how challenging it can be some days. The consistent intentional focus, sometimes it would be so nice to be lazy, let it all accumulate, etc. check out my ups and downs with it at

  8. I loved this video and I am also really enjoying the podcasts. I just spent an hour cleaning the house and you entertained and kept me company while I did. It’s really nice. I have been inspired to seriously edit my stuff in the past few months. I feel lighter, more calm, and less at the mercy of old whims to buy things. I have found that very freeing. I guess a downside is that I have a new awareness or sensitivity to all of the stuff in modern life. I can get depressed just because it’s trash day and I can’t help but notice that the bins that line my street are overflowing. Or I drive by a big fancy house and instead of admiring it, I think, “You don’t need all that.” Then I feel judgy and kind of lonely or like an outsider because American culture usually values more, not less.

  9. I completely agree with curtains absorbing echo quite nicely. But they also make a room somewhat darker.

    I don’t buy stuff that I have no use for. Can I call myself a minimalist even if I can’t afford being a “maximalist” (whatever that means) because of my budget? The worst thing about not being a minimalist is the time spent procrastinating instead of uncluttering my apartment.

    These days, I usually treat myself with some nice music that’s already in my CD collection. Or going for a swim.
    Still, there is no way I could call my CD collection minimalist. It’s still increasing in size, though slower than in the last decade. But I have an excuse: I compile and host a monthly music show on a German language web radio station under another screen name.

    What about your collection of movies, David? Has there ever been such a thing or have you always rented or streamed them?

    Regarding the size of the wardrobe, I would recommend roughly one basket of clothes that washes at 95 °C and one basket’s worth of clothing that washes at 40 °C, even though I have more for the sole reason that I don’t throw out stuff which I don’t wear anymore. Time is more precious than space to me even though they are interconnected as two sides of the same double-edged sword. It would be really annoying if I had to wash the same stuff twice a week. Also, you don’t use as much water and electricity in the same time period if the washing machine is completely full with clothes each time it runs

  10. Hello,
    I love your videos and hearing about your lifestyle. Over the past 3-4 years, I have been trying to become more minimalist myself for the sake of managing the value I may come to place on the item (wardrobe articles, books, gifts, childhood items, etc.), as I want to manage the energy I spend on preserving or saving items. I would rather be using that energy on being kinder and more patient with others. Also, I have come to feel crowded by owning too many things, and more so over the years. It doesn’t take much to make me feel like the space around me is too cluttered. Last, I like being a minimalist so as to save money for more important investments (items that help myself and my husband such as a good bed or good shoes as we walk a lot).
    I’m not much of a minimalist, but I think the hardest part for me is the idea of parting with books completely. I don’t want a kindle because I like the experience of flipping paper pages, so I have been trying to use the library more, and just take notes on excerpts I feel would be important for future reference (fiction). Still, I cannot help but want to own some of the books I read. There are some that are truly inspiring.

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  12. Hello dear people. The fact you two are questioning yourself about minimalist philosophy is very healthy approach to this kind of life, reminds me on existentialists from the early 40’s and Sartre. Exactly that thing makes you real and smart, not to play the ”I am the perfect one” game. As we are talking about haters, nevertheless I was relief getting to know there is same trouble around the globe, here at my environment as well as yours. Thank you for sharing your experience and keep going and growing. Best regards. Boyan

  13. Very interesting post & perspective! I’ve become such a minimalist just because I travel so much but I still get overwhelmed with the amount of clothes I have (even though compared to the average girl it’s a tiny wardrobe). I just get too attached to certain pieces and constantly think “well, what if i need this at some point?” when I probably won’t, hah.

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