MINIMALISM : the pros and cons of working with your partner | dariadaria collab

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this is very requested video actually – not least by one of our favourite youtubers / bloggers maddie of dariadaria. she asked us to make this video, and we in return requested that she’d make a video with her best packing-your-essentials for a trip tips.
( we’ve had a sneak peek of her video – and it’s so good ! we got some great advise for our next trip for sure. )

maddie has the most stunning blog and videos – her photography is so on fleek. we have a lot of things in common too – she’s a vegan minimalist travelling the world blogging, just like us. we’re so happy to have found her channel and blog, because they inspire us a lot.


ok now to our video – what really are the pros and cons of working with your partner ?
since we are you know two nomadic minimalists, working on building our own business – we definitely have an unconventional everyday life in that sense, spending both our workdays and off-time together. here’s what we think about it.

there you have it internet – how me and david work out running a business together !

would you like to see more of these videos about our career / business / relationship ? let us know !
here’s the blog post about fighting well with your boyfriend / girlfriend we’re talking about in the video.

and go show our fellow vegan minimalist maddie some love !


thank you maddie for the great advice, and for doing it in english too ^.^
hope to you see you irl soon !

love // jenny & david

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