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it’s my birthday !
32 good damn years, it’s quite impressive if i may say so myself ^.^

today, david and i are out celebrating, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to hang out with you ! so here goes, a brand new podcast episode…

this one is all about misär – what we think is the direct opposite of hygge ( danish word for a cozy atmosphere ). we might very well be misusing the word, it’s just come to be one of those words the two of us use all the time to describe something that’s hard to pinpoint. hope you enjoy this one !

we talk about :
– the other day, totally miserable running around homeware and furniture shops !
– what is misär ?
– examples of some really misär stuff and situations !
– how to realise if you have a misär or hygge atmosphere right now !?
– about the trouble of being an atmosphere person !

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week david tells a story when he did something funny but quite naughty to another david ( that i had totally forgotten about *shocked* ) !

you can listen to us here (scroll down), on acast, itunes, or most other places they have podcasts.
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love // jenny

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a super cozy corner of the flat we stayed in when we were in portland the other week. this whole place was the definition of hygge ^.^


  1. Hello!! Thank you so much for another wonderful podcast!! I’m one of your listeners from Japan – I moved here a little while ago (originally from Melbourne, Australia) and your content is so relevant in the land of the rising sun. In this beautiful country of paradoxes, I found that minimalism and living consciously is deeply ingrained in Japanese tradition. However, it seems that these days, the impact of fast fashion and trends in Japan has created a crazy spending culture here too. At the moment there is the beginnings of a movement back towards tradition, handmade, conscious living which I have found in little shops and cafes here which is refreshing!

    I listen to your podcast while I work – its such a treat to have your wonderful sense of humor and humble, easeful conversation. Thank you for the content and I’m looking forward to watching your new channel as well!! Much love!!

  2. Today is my better half birthday as well he will be 25 to great people born on the Same date . My favorite people are turning to amazing numbers 25 and 32 ❤ I’m one of your listeners from USA The state Maryland I enjoy listening to the podcast before going to class and work

  3. I was listening to your podcast during the lunch time and then you started to talk about having meals and stuff. So I just had to go to the kitchen and grab my food and I was eating it while listening to you two. And it was definitely hygge for me! :D
    Btw todays David’s funny story was hilarious! I’m staying tuned for another 10 years, let’s see what’s gonna happen. Expecting some real plot twist.. :))

  4. Jenny! I’ve been looking into the personality type of the “highly sensitive person” (HSP) and they talk quite a lot about surroundings. Look into it!

    I notice misar everywhere!

    When there’s dust on the bottom of my feet. The worst! Atmosphere wise, any time I’m in a space that is unorganized really. When someone’s fridge has a mixture of fresh and spoiled produce. A lot of cities in the US are not as well kept, and when the world is your oyster it’s often hard to navigate to hygge. That’s why I love the rain. It’s nature’s dusting!

  5. So, I’m listening to this podcast while preparing for a move…. and it’s TOTALLY MISAR – all my belongings are emptied on the floor, but nothing is fully packed, it’s too late for me to finish, and I don’t have all the resources to finish putting it all away anyway… Kind of like your ikea scene haha

  6. I listen to this podcast in my office and I’m just sitting here DYING with the story about the e-mails
    love you guys <3

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