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once again i’ve teamed up with my lovely sponsor vöslauer to talk about the one of my favourite ways to stay hydrated.

and i know, i know, i say too often that something is ‘my favourite moment of the day’ and david will tease me for calling this blog post just that. but i can’t help it, the evening pre-dinner AW drink time is definitely a super favourite here at mustard headquarters.

almost every evening after work, we sit down for an hour or so and have a non-alcoholic drink and a little snack together and talk about the day. it’s such an underestimated way to wind down, leave your work-mind behind and get ready for all the cosiness the evening has in store. i definitely need this moment to tell my brain to get out of the work mode and just relax.

it can be extremely difficult to let go of work on your off-time, especially when you’re working from home, so i find it so helpful to have some sort of routine to mark the end of the day. and what cosier way to do it than with a drink and a chat with the one you love ?

this week we’ve been drinking vöslauer’s new drink balance green gurke holunder. it’s super refreshing and feels like a luxurious treat – a great alternative to alcoholic drinks or soda. it’s vegan of course, free from preservatives, and it uses fairtrade sugar instead of fructose. the water is taken from bad vöslau in austria, so it’s hasn’t been shipped over half the world to get to my doorstep.

by the way, gurke means cucumber and holunder is elderberry in german.
is it just me who absolutely loves cucumber in drinks ? few things are as refreshing as cucumbers, and i love that they don’t add a ton of sweetness to the drink. also, elderberry just happens to be another one of my drink flavour favs. so i was super excited to try this specific flavour. and what do you know, cucumber and elder berry goes so well together !

as i’m writing this, it’s actually about time to finish work for today. and you know what that means – yep, my after work drink time with david.
see ya !

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by vöslauer. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


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