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what’s up a video on a friday !?
well when it’s friday the 13th this close to halloween, i just had to make a little cosy fall themed favourites video. it’s all about how to get into that autumn hygge mood, with anything from what books to read, movies to watch, food to eat, tea to drink, and how to get romantic on those date nights. all how to get the most out of the cold weather and dark cosy evenings. let’s watch !

sorry if i scared with the halloween makeup and outfit btw, it looks hella creepy doesn’t it ? cred to alex for coming up with this halloween costume and doing the makeup, i’m freaked out myself just from watching the video… check out the little fast forward transformation video we made for instagram !

love // jenny

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*the video in this blog post is sponsored by best fiends. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. Hello Jenny and David,
    I follow you guys for a very long time, I love your podcast and videos. You are so inspiring! Please, could you say where do you get the tea cups from? I love those where you can introduce the tea leafs on the side. And can’t find them anywhere!

  2. Hi! Yes, please let me know where the tea cups are from. This inspires me to share my love of tea too! Jen x

  3. Antje Bernhardt

    Hello Jenny and David, I really have to thank you. Your Videos are so very inspiraring . I have another question about the cups Google said, they are not made from pocelain. I want to know ,if it makes a difference in the “drinking-feeling“ ?
    And I would like to know,how you behave,when you are invited to Dinner somewhere?,Do you always make it a Subjekt that you are vegan or do you eat the pasta quattro fromaggi to be polite?
    All the very best ,Antje

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