MY SELF CARE ROUTINE (JustinsGlance collab)

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my evening self-care routine ! let’s talk about those days when you feel like everything is going wrong and you kind of just feel like giving up. we all end up there once in a while, right ? this is when we need to stop for a second and take some time to treat ourselves to some me-time with a self care evening.

today i’m teaming up with the absolute sweetheart anna from JustinsGlance, together we’re serving you with each of our top 3 tips for when you need some ultimate me-time.

i talk about:
– why relaxing the body is key !
– de-stressing and getting in the best possible emotional mood !
– creating our version of a calming space !
– why is beauty so important ?
– let’s not forget about taking care of that mind of ours !
– did somebody say body oil ?
– finding what works for you, watching a movie, reading a book, ASMR, or cat videos ?!
– why self care nights can give life meaning and passion !

now both me and anna are curious to hear what you do when spending a night just taking care of yourself, share your tricks with us !
and don’t forget to check out anna’s self-care video !

love // jenny

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