OUR HOME OFFICE IS (ALMOST) READY | apartment update

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look at this beauty you guys. we now have a, just about, ready home office to enjoy creative, happy, and stressful workdays in. and the centrepiece is of course our new huge white, custom built table that we got sponsored from our friends over at johanenlies.

do you remember the old table ? the one we build ourselves when we needed someplace to work ? and you guys told us to be careful because that type of material might be toxic..! now we can finally eat our working lunches… and breakfasts… and dinners someplace safe.

the very light white wash also makes the whole room brighter, you can see the structure of the wood through the coating, but just barely. we’re so super happy with the design !

it’s about 90cm times 200cm i think, so definitely big enough for both busy creative work days and to have meetings and working dinners with our other friends in the biz. we’ve dragged a cord with additional sockets from the wall and taped it under the table top to make it possible to charge your laptop and have our imac on the table. downside is of course that there’s now a white cord running over the floor ( you can see it in the pic below ). any solutions to this ?

the only things left to do now in the home office is to organise the new wardrobe wall we’ve set up as our main storage space, find some kind of plant, and manage a DIY echo-reducing project we’re planning. stay tuned !

love // jenny

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  1. Hi Jenny, the new table fits perfectly into your living room. Simple but very elegant and unusual. I’m looking forward to seeing the DIY echo-reducing ptoject you’re planning and how it will fit into your minimalistic flat :) I will be moving into a new apartment in a few months and it will be already furnished (I’m just a student who is looking for a fairly cheap flat), do you have any tips on how I should try to achieve to make my room, at least, minimalistic? Have you ever moved into a flat that was already furnished?
    By the way I only discovered you and David quite recently and I really love your content, I’m all about the food, minimalism and fashion. And I’ve started listening to your podcast too, I really like listening to you two have a conversation while I’m just on my walks.
    Hope you have a great day!


    gosh! so in love with that table. perfect size plus more sturdy. love the color too!

  3. Beautiful! The cable isn’t all that visible, and since it’s white too, I don’t think it upsets the harmony at all. Other than a straight white “cable tunnel” across the floor, there’s not much you could do about it anyway!

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