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i know i’ve said it before, but now we’re aaaalmost done with getting our apartment ready. just need a few big plants ( still looking for the perfect ones ) and then i’m calling it quits.

one of the final things we sorted out just recently, also happens to be one of the most important aspect of any home – the storage solution. this apartment has absolutely zero built-in storage, and only a super tiny little nook in the cellar where we can fit hardly anything more than our luggage. so a proper storage solution was key !

we are so grateful to being helped out by ikea, from whom we got these perfectly minimal and neat-looking wardrobes. they’re called PAX and you can customise a solution that works for your space. we went with four of them – two with rails for hangers, and two with shelfs.

in the first two, we fit out outerwear and all of our dark clothing that we don’t want on display on our bedroom rails. there’s plenty of room for the two of us, and i much prefer having clothes hanging than folded – i think it’s so much easier to get an overview of what you have and easily find the item you’re looking for.

the two wardrobes with shelves we’ve filled with tools, office supplies, work equipment and other bits and bobs. it’s nice to fit all of our paperwork and our printer in here, so that we don’t need to have ugly things like that on display. as you can see, we have plenty more room should we need it. i always like having bigger storage spaces than is needed for my stuff. this way it’s easy to keep it neat and organised, with everything clearly visible and easy to find. it’s also less overwhelming to own a bunch of stuff if the stuff is all very thoughtfully stored. i’m a the-wardobe-is-half-full kind of girl ^.^

the doors are in a matte white colour, so they’re not taking away from the lovely white walls of the room, and they’re sliding doors, which makes it easier to furnish the room on front of them, without having to think about room enough for doors to swing open. i can’t tell you how nice it was to get all of our stuff organised and finally unpack those last boxes after like four-five months in this apartment. it kind of really feels like we’re living here for real now. how strange !

love // jenny

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  1. PAX is awesome! We have a 5-doors PAX closet in our bedroom in dark brown. It’s really the go-to closet system when you’re looking for one.

  2. Holly Neumayer

    Hi Jenny Mustard,
    I have been watching your The Mustards on Utube & listening to your Podcasts, love both of them! Now, I am starting with your blog, the first post reminds me of another favorite blogger (the blog is no more) Chez Larsson. Also, tonight I saw something about the Eurythmics and thought of you and David. Do you see any similarities? Happy Weekend!

  3. I have white every where feel no stress
    If a hade black a feel so stress

  4. Hi Jenny, we were looking for really nice plants for a long time as well. Der Holländer has a lot of beautiful and healthy plants, maybe you can find something there. We went to the one at Treptower Park.

  5. Hi Jenny, did you consider the PAX with a mirror instead a white front? If so, why did you choose white?

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