RECIPE : midsummer potato salad

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this time of year i love being in sweden. i get really nostalgic around midsummer’s, like most swedes i guess ^^

midsummer’s eve is this friday, so i’ve made a recipe video for the smorgasbord staple – creamy potato salad. this one has swedish summer flavours from mustard and dill, with a creamy soy yogurt base.

if you want to make the salad from scratch – check out my homemade soy yogurt and raw mustard recipe videos too !


midsummer potato salad :
1 aubergine, cut into 1×2 cm thick slices
about 250 ml / 1 cup soy yogurt, unsweetened store-bought or homemade
3 tbsp organic dijon mustard, or homemade raw mustard
juice from 1 lemon wedge
a large handful of dill, chopped
3 spring onions, chopped
salt & pepper, after taste
1 kg / 2 lbs cold boiled new potatoes, halved or quartered
250 ml / 1 cup boiled chickpeas
3 handfuls of spinach
strawberries, lemon, dill and spring onion for garnish (optional)

– boil the aubergine pieces in heavily salted water for a minute or two, just until softened. be careful because they get mushy real quick. drain and let cool a bit
– mix soy yogurt, mustard, lemon juice, dill, spring onions, salt and pepper together and give it a taste. this salad is quite zesty, just the way i like it. if you prefer it a bit rounder, simply add some maple syrup
– fold in the potatoes, chickpeas and aubergine. add more soy yogurt if needed, it’s supposed to be really creamy
– place spinach around the edges of a large bowl and add the potato salad in the middle. garnish with dill, spring onions, strawberries and lemon for example
– enjoy on your smorgasbord, with bbq, or as a meal in itself


i hope you guys have a beautiful midsummer’s eve on friday – with tons of late night sunshine, sweet strawberries and the smell of dill everywhere ^^

love // jenny


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  3. Jenny, Thank you for sharing this delicious potato salad recipe! I’ve not used dill or strawberries before and found this to be a refreshing kick. Perfect for summer. Nice job.

  4. Hi, Jenny,

    I just began watching your videos a couple weeks ago, and I made this recipe for dinner tonight. It’s so tasty! Thanks for sharing not only the recipe, but some of the culture behind it.

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