RECIPE : purple & pink prune sushi | my new favourite sushi filling

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how could i not love sushi ? they truly are little bundles of joy.

eating sushi as a vegan is so easy, just fill them with whatever you like ! your imagination is the only limit.
we had a sushi night last week, and tried so many fun combinations. these ones were probably my favourite though – they’re filled with crunchy purple kale, lime marinated prunes, and the crisp salty quick-pickled onions i shared a recipe for the other day.

i’m quite proud of the idea to serve these pieces on purple kale leaves. i’m so going to start using this sort of presentation all the time now. so easy, and so pretty. purple kale though – nature has done it again ! so beautiful.


this recipe will not give exact measurements, since it depends on how many pieces you want to make. it’s not an exact science kiddos, just go with the flow.

purple & pink prune sushi
sushi rice, cooked according to the instructions on the package
rice vinegar
nori ( seaweed ), 1 piece per roll
a handful of kale leaves, purple or green
prunes, about 3 small ones per roll
lime juice
quick-pickled red onion

serving suggestion : light soy sauce and wasabi, one kale leaf under each piece as decoration

– when the rice is cooked, mix in as much rice vinegar as is suggested on the rice package (depending on how many portions you’ve cooked). you can add mirin or some type of syrup to sweeten the rice too, but i usually don’t. especially when i have something sweet as filling, like the prunes. let the rice cool.
– slice the prunes thinly and place in a small bowl. add freshly squeezed lime juice until the prune slices are covered. let marinate for at least 30 mins.
– to make this particular filling : when the rice has cooled, place a piece of nori on your bambu mat if you have one, otherwise on a cutting board, with the shiny side facing down. spread a thin layer of rice on the nori, about three quarters up the nori.
– create a line of kale leaves in the middle of the rice. add another very thin layer of rice on top of the kale. place prunes and pickled onions in a line in the middle of the new layer of rice.
– roll the nori tightly. you can carefully hold the filling in place with your fingers while you roll. once you reach the upper edge, use a few pieces of rice, or a tiny bit of water, to make the nori edge stick the roll. cut the roll into pieces, however thick you like.
– serve with soy sauce or tamari, and wasabi. use leftover kale leaves as garnish under each piece if you want.


if you do try this recipe, please tag me in a pic won’t you ? would love to see your beautiful versions of these cuties ^^

love // jenny

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  1. Oh, so pretty! The colours are gorgeous and I love the healthy vegan version of sushis! Thank you xx

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