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are you single ? in a loving relationship ? in a crappy relationship ?
let’s decide once and for all, what is better – being single or couple ? well, i guess you’ll know what we’ll think, because otherwise it would be quite useless being together… but anyway, the pros and cons: here are they !

we talk about :
– pros and cons of being single !
– pros and cons of being in a relationship !
– how were we as singles ?
– what would be the first thing we’d do if we became happy singles today ?
– how we got together !
– should some people just stay single !?
– are divorces really such a bad thing !?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week is all about the weird and wondrous phenomena of ullared – a whole swedish town and holiday destination completely centred around a big af department store…!

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  1. Totally agree with your points. A bit of my story. I am 22 and have never ever been in a relationship, my grandma always tells me that it is a good thing, I should be thinking about my career and studying. But I see having a partner as not something that will take my time but as having the best friend who will inspire me and help me get better! I feel that I need to have someone, to have a bubble with someone, someone who will share my worries.. you know. :)

  2. you guys, under the favs video, the old podcast was linked, found this one anyways apparently. love you!!

  3. Hi guys! I started listening to Your podcasts just recently and I really love them! :) I was wondering if You could make one about the gmo food? I started reading about all that and even though Europe should be safe aren’t You worried for example about soy products? Also people who eat meat say that vegetables are harmful because of all pesticides so it’s not a healthy diet and bla bla I’d love to hear what you think about all that!
    Love U!

    • I’d be interested too, though I eat meat but, honestly, have you seen what they feed cattle? And what fish are swimming about in? How many of the animals we eat are pretty sick? The fact that most / all commercially-available meat in e.g. the UK transitions through one central slaughterhouse, so if there’s an epidemic it’s ensured that the whole country gets to enjoy it? That problem’s most definitely not specific to vegetables. Seems like a shit excuse not to eat one’s greens, or to put down vegetarians on the internet.

      Soy products and monoculture are another issue. But again, I used to be vegetarian and for a while vegan, those were the most irritating zingers from naysayers because those are environmental issues that apply to everyone whatever you eat (a lot of that monoculture goes to feed cattle, anyway).

      Actually, a question I’d be interested in is: do you think this problem of food production can be solved through better consumer choices (and maybe investing in encouraging those at government level)? Or do you think a more radical approach is necessary?

  4. Sofia Ramalho

    Just to warn you: the adds are back. And this time is a McDonald’s add about a new burger XD
    I love your podcast by the way :)

    • Yes! Double cheese and double bacon all day long while I was listening yesterday!

  5. I have been in the same relationship for seventeen years since I was sixteen and it is very healthy and wonderful. I feel like we grew up together, and we did. We always have had good team work and consideration for one another.

    I have friends on their second marriages or who are divorced and I see how toxic other people’s relationships are and it bothers me that they seem to feel it is better to be with them than to be alone. I tell them it is better for them to be out of an abusive or bad situation no matter how much they don’t want to be single.

    I feel single life works for people and can be really wonderful. The single life is not one for me, but I appreciate many people who choose to be single or who enjoy their time while single.

  6. You think Japanese people are tall? Did you perhaps mean Korean maybe? Japanese people are kinda short, Korean people are quite tall though…….

  7. Oh god, I got a McDonald’s commercial in the beginning, and not only that, it was in Swedish… I live in Norway, about 2 hours away from the Swedish border
    Great podcast, it was hilarious! In Norway we had dill-chips for a limited time, I believe… I haven’t seen it after that at least.
    It is not only Swedes that goes to Ullared, it’s also Norwegians from all over, too. We have the show Ullared here, and it’s quite popular!

  8. You mentioned that single people, don´t get to know themself so well. I guess thats true, but having a friend/spouse is not the only “solution” I think you can also benefit from writing a diary and going through it :)

  9. I love the idea of coffee for dogs. I officially vote that what you saw was coffee for dogs, reality be damned. Before I was born, my parents had a dog that really liked beer. They couldn’t leave beer unattended or their dog would drink it, every time.

  10. Just want to thank you for all the videos and podcasts. I knew Jenny’s channel from my ex, who is probably not an entirely bad person but was terrible to me. No, she’s terrible. As a Beijinger finishing my last year of college near Philly, I am so bored in the States and looking for recommendations for a new locale and want to learn a new language. I want to learn a Scandinavian language and wonder if you could be very kind to do a pros/cons compare/contrasts of different Scandinavian languages and cities? There are youtubers doing that, but according to you two Stolkholm is a little boring. Where is FUN besides Berlin and London?

  11. Lol! I loved this one. It’s so real. Jenny is correct…being in a miserable relationship is worse than being single. However, being in a great relationship is worth the effort. Being single is great if you are willing to learn how to enjoy yourself without others – that can include working on yourself, learning about new concepts, and whatever else will grow you as a person.

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