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let’s learn how to enjoy going to the gym – or whatever type of exercising you prefer – so that every single time doesn’t require your harshest self-discipline !

i’ve gone from hating physical activity to now waking up energised and ready to hit the machines at 6.30 every morning. and let me tell you – i’m quite surprised myself !
david is also kicking ass at the gym with me every morning and i’m s happy to have a workout routine that works for my body and health, without being boring, annoying, painful, or stressing me out.

i believe that there’s at least one type of workout out there for all of us, so don’t lose hope if you still haven’t found exercising to be enjoyable. keep trying different sports and times in the day, until you hit the sweet spot : a workout that you tolerate and feels good, that you can keep up in your everyday life.

because the thing is this, exercising isn’t really optional. our bodies are made to move, they need to move. let’s help motivate and encourage each other.
and don’t worry about what everyone is up to, comparison is bullshit. i don’t care how long i can go, how fast i can move, how hard i can hit it. i only care about how often i go. because that’s what’s going to make a difference in the long run.

love // jenny

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i’m wearing :
björn borg sports bra*
cap from weekday
prana water bottle*
monki sweater & leggings

*press gift product


  1. I do high intensity workout in a group every morning. With 4 kids, it’s my way to stay sain. They go in the gym daycare while I relax sweating my butt of. Hehe.

  2. Hey, great video. (Off to subscribe to make it official!) love your attitude to life, which is something you mentioned in one of you podcasts, that you prefer quantity over quality when it comes to producing/creating. It sounds a bit blasphemous, but it’s great advice because it an antidote to perfectionism, something that is debilitating for many of us. And the more often you for something, eventually the quality comes on its own. Hope you are enjoying Portland. You both look great!

  3. I enjoy going to the gym and I love the look of the björn borg sports bra. I will definately be buying one.

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