Sustainable Brand Alert ! // PINQPONQ collab

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[ this blog post is sponsored by pinqponq. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own. ]

we’re all at this point kind of dreading the future – am i right ? and when i say the future, i’m specifically speaking about the health of the planet. i won’t go on a tangent ( because please, you know i could … ) even though there is so much environmental damage that has happened and continues to happen, i try my best to be one of the hopefuls. why ?

i am genuinely proud of my ongoing sponsorship with pinqponq because not only are they a stylish af bag brand, but they’re also making huge strides in the fashion industry. they take recycled plastic bottles and turn them into high-end bags ! enough said.

well actually, not enough said. they’re also completely vegan certified, pfc-free, and they work with the organisation fair wear foundation, to make sure that the conditions of their workers is up to scratch : being treated well and getting paid a living wage. it feel so fresh and modern – companies that actually care about our wellbeing, the workers behind the scenes, and the environment. every time we support brands like pinqponq, we’re telling the fashion world what we want more of. supply and demand – pretty simple.

okay, on to the fun bit – let’s talk fashion !
although i tend to keep my outfit colour scheme neutral (to the extreme), i’ve recently noticed an almost deadly attraction to pale yellow. i definitely foresee that it will be the colour of this season, at least in my book. so when choosing my latest pinqponq piece to shoot, i opted for this hip bag. and boy am i glad i did – it goes so well together with all my beige pieces, updating the outfit to an appropriately happy-looking spring aesthetic.

as a typical scandi woman, oversized is my natural habitat. bumbags come in handy whenever i want to singe a waist of a coat, shirt, or cardigan. plus : hands-free practicality, who’s with me ?
(speaking of practicality, the compartment and detail cleverness of these bags is sick !)

my new hip bag has already found a happy place in the pinqponq family i got going on from before. (our camera bag and one of our toilet bags are also from pinqponq, and they’re also super smart. especially the camera bag is like something i’ve never seen before, in terms of how simple yet modifiable it is.)from a purely aesthetic point of view, this is one of the things i love about the brand : the style is so unique that you instantly know when you see a pinqponq bag. sure, you’re buying an eco-friendly, practical backpack or bumbag. what you’re getting though, is one of those statement pieces that elevates your outfit and shows a bit of style personality. i know you guys are feeling it as well – whenever david or i wear one of our bags in a video we get like a gazillion questions where it’s from.

even though this is in writing, i’m sure you can hear how excited i am. the fashion industry is taking such huge steps forwards, and i for one is here for it. it wasn’t long ago that it was completely impossible to find high-end stylish bags ( or stylish anything, for that matter ) that were also vegan, eco-friendly, and fair trade. but every season modern-thinking newcomers enter the fashion arena, showing everyone that it’s possible. companies like pinqponq make it easy to be your gorgeous chic self and still feel good about your wardrobe. who says we need climate change to be hot ?

okay loves, i think that’s enough from me for today. david and i are about to check out a café in our neighbourhood and enjoy the rest of this beautiful, but crazy windy day. i hope you enjoy yours as well ! talk to you soon !

love // jenny

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