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this is something i’ve been meaning to write about forever – the period cup !
and today is finally the day, i’ve teamed up with OrganiCup to share with you how we can save the environment, one period at a time !

ok, so for those of you who don’t know – a period cup is a little flexible silicon cup that you use instead of tampon or pad. it’s chemical-free, made of 100% silicon, so no lotion, glue, perfume or other weird things. when it inserted, it creates a vacuum that keeps everything in place and makes sure it doesn’t leeks. and it won’t dry you out since it’s not dependant on absorption like a tampon.

i’ve been using mine for like 10 years now, and let me tell you – it’s such life changer !
you can sleep with it, you can swim with it, you can keep it in for 12 hours straight ( it holds about 3 times as much fluid as a tampon or pad ).

and here’s the eco-friendly kicker – it does all this without producing trash, since you just rinse it and reuse it. yep – zero waste ! like i said, i’ve been using mine for 10 years and it’s just as secure now as when i bought it. can you imagine the impact it would have if everyone stopped using tampons and pads ? well, it would mean 30g of waste in a lifetime instead of 30kg to be precise. epic !

there are different sizes available, one for us child-free people, and one for all the mamas out there. because when it comes to your private parts, comfort is key !

if you still haven’t invested in one of these little life changers, you can get free shipping throughout june by using my promo code JennyJune here ( and thank me later ).

love // jenny

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*this blog post is sponsored by OrganiCup. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. Right after reading your post I ordered one :)
    But would you mind a question? What do you do with it after your period? I mean, just rinse it with water, let it dry and put it away till next month? That sound so…little. Or do you have to boil it?

    • After removing the OrganiCup, give it a quick wash with hygiene friendly soap and tap water, and replace. After your cycle, you can sterilise the OrganiCup in boiling water. :)

    • It comes with instructions but its recommended to boil it afterwards as far as I remember.

  2. I’ve also ordered one, thanks for your post (and coupon) Jenny!

  3. Andy Bird

    Ops !! Silicon is a hard metal, silicone is generally a rubber like substance. Big difference.

  4. Menstrual cups are fab. The best thing since Swedish, feminist vegans!

  5. I just ordered mine as well. I had been thinking about i for a little while, but thanks to you I decided to just try it out. And thanks to your code I had to pay 5 euros less!!
    Thank you for being awesome ;)

  6. Francesca

    It doesn’t work ;( I entered the code and it’s still 24,00€
    Here is the notification I got:
    Coupon code applied successfully.
    Coupon ”jennyjune” -€0,00
    Hope they can fix it!

    • Hi Francesca

      I just had the same issue, but the shipping costs will be deducted on the checkout page! :-)

  7. I am so pleased I saw your article! Thank you for sharing the word. I absolutely love that no-waste concept. I also just tried to use the coupon typing JennyJune with capitals but it didn’t work…?

  8. Anne-Catherine

    Hello here! :) This is a very nice article. I I also tried to get this article but the coupon typing JennyJune didnt worked aswell. We are still in June. is this offer still available?

    Greetings ***

  9. I have wondered – buy it or not?!- for 2 years! But I could not find anyone who uses it and shares opinion about this. Until yesterday. I saw it in one of your movies on YouTube, then I read your article and finally I ordered it. Yuppie!!! I don’t believe what I say, but I can’t wait my period! ;) Thanks Jenny!

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