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it’s the money episode !

we talk about :
– our love hate relationship with money !
– how much should you have ?
– our own financial situation throughout the years !
– is money important ?
– can you buy happiness ?
– views on money as minimalists !
– is money the source of all evil ?

other random stuff in this episode :
– our escape room adventure – did we make it out ?
– how it feels to have 200k subscribers on youtube !
– we have a brilliant feminist news story !
– is it ethical to have pets ?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week is one of our fav stories – the traveling sofa !
it doesn’t get more berlin than this story ^.^

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love // jenny & david

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  1. Jasmina Tekic

    WOMEN RIGHTS – I see it in this way:
    when girl and boy are born they are equal,
    above boy head there is a big blue sky,
    above girl head there is also a big blue sky,… BUT,… there is also a glass,…
    So they both see the same,… the big blue sky,… but
    what if they dream to fly?

  2. Jasmina Tekic

    PETS – Adopt Don’t Shop.
    But, is there any freedom for animals in this world?
    What is that freedom exactly?
    because, in this so called outside world, and in this so called freedom, whatever we call it
    there are cars, pesticides, plastics, chemicals,… psychopaths (children and adults who torture for fun), animal poachers, hunters,… all kind of crazy object which can trap or kill,… and always, always,… all kind of crazy people,…
    Unfortunately, the only way for an animal to be healthy and to live all the way to an old age is to be isolated from all these things.
    For example: when you have a cat which is both indoor and outdoor, and there is that silent distant fear you feel every time you let your cat out, because it might never come back.

  3. I really love the podcast. I listened to u and david before bed time :)

  4. I remember when I was in college and first started getting into minimalism. I thought that I was going to save so much money by cutting out all of the useless, unneeded things I was getting in my life. I made a verrrrry thorough budget and came to the awful realization: I was already living as fiscally minimal as I could! I received most of my possessions as gifts or secondhand and spent almost no money. If anything, it would cost me more money to actually rebuild a small collection of things I actually wanted! Life as a penny-pincher…

    Thanks for the wonderful episode <3

  5. i love listening to your podcast when i get ready for work.
    sooo… would you please make as many podcasts as workdays? ;)

  6. As someone who lives in Berlin, i found the story of the travelling sofa pretty funny.
    I think leaving stuff in boxes outside of your house is not only for homeless people but also for other people who don’t have much money (like students for example) or for people who collect it and then sell it at fleamarkets.
    I myself have done it several times and was always very surprised how all of my old things that i thought nobody would ever want or need, was actually gone within 5 minutes. The whole city is like the “bermuda triangle” in that how i met your mother episode.

    And the broken/old furniture thing is very typical for Berlin. In other cities in Germany, we have a service provided by the city that picks up your old furniture for free once a year (it’s called “Sperrmüll”). Berlin doesn’t offer that service for free and as you said, getting your things picked up costs a lot of money and takes forever. Since this city is full of students and other people who don’t make that much money, it’s much cheaper and more convenient to just leave your old furniture on the street. There would be a lot less trash outside if we also had “Sperrmüll” here, but then again, this is Berlin.

    I also have a nice anecdote of an old abandoned sofa that someone left in front of our house. Suddenly my neighbors would start to use that sofa to hang out, mingle, have a beer in the evening etc. Every time i would pass the sofa, there would be people sitting on it and talking. It really became the socializing spot for a couple of days. After it was finally picked up by the city cleaning service, there was a note at that spot the next day that said “I want the sofa back!”

  7. How much money is enough? I’m always reminded of this quote from “Hello Dolly”:
    “The difference between a little money and no money at all is enormous and can shatter the world! And the difference between a little money and an enormous amount of money is very slight and that can shatter the world too. It’s all in how you use it.”

  8. One interesting thing about money as a status symbol: in a lot of cultures, especially traditional and aboriginal cultures, tribal cultures; the culture is that the way of displaying wealth is to give it away: the more wealth a person has, the more feasts they will give for the community, the more gifts they will give. (I found this fact discussed in “The Gift” by Lewis Hyde, HIGHLY recommended!) Whereas now, people’s wealth (and hence status) is measured by how much they have stored away in the bank, how much they’ve invested – quite the opposite. I wonder what effect this has on the way money works as a status symbol…

  9. When your talk touched on the subject of gender dynamics,
    I was inspired and hoped you might find of interest a book “The Shadow King” by Sidra Stone PHD.

  10. Rebecca Ross

    Hi Jenny and David -thanks for such a nice podcast ! It always makes me happy to listen!
    It is funny, here in Denmark it is very normal to put out old furniture and stuff on the street. And normal people will come and take it ! There lovely designer wooden chair I am sitting on now is from the street. :) We have a group on facebook called: “Storskrald” in Århus you can find it here”, where every one can post a picture/or write if they find something nice on the street/or they want to give things away for free.
    It is something we are proud of in Århus :)

    I think you would like Århus ! -lots of vegan shops, sustainable initiatives and lovely museums like : thee old town and Momu :)

    Lots of good vibes from dk

  11. Rebecca Ross

    and i would like to know what is your sight on Waldorf Schools (also called Rudolf Steiner Schools)! (maybe also education systems in general). I went to a Waldorf School for 12 years and it has formed my whole life in a good way, but it is always fun to hear others opinions/thoughts!

  12. So lovely to listen to your podcasts. The travelling sofa story was very amusing. During university in Australia many students will furnish their new shared rentals with ‘curbside collection’ items. The council will arrange regular days for collection throughout the year for household things and many like students will be really grateful to pick up things off the street at these times. One persons trash is someone else’s treasure after all.

  13. About leaving stuff outside: we do the same thing in Montreal
    I’ve found chairs, lamps, books, etc. in perfect condition
    Your podcast is always so nice and i love your spontaneity!
    Good vibes from mtl

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