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welcome april !
i’m so happy to see you ^.^

spring is in the berlin air, and i’m in an excellent bloody mood. everything’s turning green outside of the window, the sun is warm, the berlin people are happy. we’ve done it once again – survived yet another winter.

so time for a little life update. and of course, a mad good link list below, to get you inspired and revitalised.

do you remember last month’s hopes ?
it was just one thing on that list – to have gotten anywhere in our apartment search. so have we ? i believe we have !
next week we finally have our appointment to register as residents, and after that the berlin flat market is wide open. or maybe not wide open, but definitely enough for us to peek in.

ok, so what about inspirations this month ?
david. he’s been my number one inspiration by far. we’ve been more creative this last month than we’ve ever been i think. with tons of ideas bouncing off each other, a million projects, and a productivity level shooting through the roof. we can’t get enough of work !


link list, people !

– black beans are hard to beat. and this colombian black bean stew looks just out of this world good. it’s on my to-cook list for sure !
– you know how i feel about miso. but cauliflower ? it’s not a staple in my kitchen. i prefer her sassy brother broccoli to be honest. so this miso cauliflower dip is definitely something i want to try, because if something could change my mind about cauliflower, it’s a miso dip.

– the fashion blog post i’ve been looking for all my life : 30 ethical fashion brands you need to know.
– i love the unfinished edges of this coat. neat in a chaotic sort of way.
– aah, just look at the hair matching game in these pics.

– love green plants as decoration ? this place takes it to a whole other level.
dream house.
– how do you feel about chipboard ? this kitchen is using it quite nicely, even though i probably would get bored with the colour quite quickly i think.
– i’m so in love with beige and nude shades, they have such a calming effect on the eye. i mean, just look at these pics – so soothing right ?


hope you feel ready for an amazing spring. i’m pumped tbh.

love // jenny

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ooo we have a new MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode out today kiddos !

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