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oh yay it’s december ! i hate the cold, but man do i love christmas ^^
this month is all about getting warm and cozy – hot chocolate, macauley culkin, mistletoe, and nat king cole.

and we’ll be doing all of this in berlin this year !
that’s right, come thursday we’ll be on the plane to the city. feels a little bit strange considering the middle-of-nowhereness of my current location. i mean, not even ten minutes ago a deer just walked by right outside the window.

how is christmas in berlin ? i have no idea ! if you do, please tell me about it in the comments.

ok moving on. like always, here are my hopes and inspirations for december, along with a little november summary i thought it fun to include.


november summary
– as most of you know we spent most of november in portland. but things happened elsewhere for us too. for example, i’m happy to be one of the new chefs at ( and i’m not even a chef ! ).

– without me even knowing about it, there was a feature on me and recipes from my cookbook in swedish eco-friendly home and lifestyle magazine kloka hem. there was a most lovely feature ( and quite flattering if i’m honest ) on me in the swedish gluten-free magazine GF glutenfri matglädje. vegan magazine VEGO asked their friends 3 quick questions in their brand new christmas issue, and i’m one of said friends. fun stuff !

– besides from that, we just hung out in portland, working way less than normal and eating tons and tons. have a look at what we got up to here.


– i hope hope hope that we will like berlin. that we will feel at home and that we’ll start building a life there. can’t wait to get to know the city, its people and style.

– spending december in berlin is by no means a holiday. i hope that the city will have tons of work opportunities for us. and here’s an amazing bit to look forward to – me and david will once again work together full time. after a year of david having two jobs besides the youtube and blog business, i’m so happy to finally welcome him into my work space, to be fully focused and involved.

– walking. during our 3 weeks in portland we walked a lot ( one of those walking days you see in the pics of this post ). i find it the best way to experience a city. just strolling, doing nothing really. eating a bit, getting a cup of tea to go, talking about all you see. luckily for us, portland is one of those rare cities in the us where you can actually walk just about everywhere. not-to-mention the surrounding mountains just made for hiking. i’m so exciting to getting to know berlin on foot.
the things we took with us from the portland lifestyle are to slow down and work less, to experience the adventures that are just around the corner, to support indie businesses as much as we can, and to take little day trips to work in other locations than at home.


– let’s get to it, this month’s link list !
some of the things in my november feed that got stuck on my mind. enjoy.

my new friend mary ( you know, the mary i did this cashew cookie balls recipe swap with ) has the most inspiring blog. and she just won the swedish food blog award stora matbloggspriset price in the photography category – so well earned !

ivania carpio of one of my favourite blogs love aesthetics has recently written a beauiful blog post called the new together – about working together with your partner. she and her boyfriend romeo share their thoughts on being a family business, and it resonated greatly with both me and david. especially the part about gender equality and the blurry line between the workplace and the home. choosing a less …. umm … normal lifestyle can sometimes make you feel a bit isolated, so it’s great to read about other couples that have built a simialr professional life successfully and happily.

i just found a new brilliant vegetarian food blog the other day i have to tell you about ! go have a look at nourish atelier, i mean how beautiful are them pics right !?
i’m also dying to try this vegetable stock powder from stunning food blog earthsprout.

i’ve found so many handsome holiday decoration ideas recently. have a look at my interior collection on bloglovin’ if you want to give your home a touch of holiday flair ( or just interior design inspo in general ).

that’s all i’ve got this time !
join the conversation – hit me with the links most inspiring to you lately.

love // jenny

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