THE MONTHLIES : february

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oh wow i can’t believe that january is already behind us. will we ever get used to how quickly time moves ?

anyway, as usual, here are my hopes and inspirations for this month – plus a mad good link list of course !

– we’re moving to a new airbnb apartment in a week. ugh so nomadic. so here’s hoping that we will both like the flat, and the location ( we’ve never spent any time in that area of berlin before ). the flat looks ok in the photos, just a little bit messy perhaps, with too much stuff for my minimalist liking. this apartment we’re in now has hardly any stuff in it, so we’ve been so happy here this month. i’m curious about the area, it seems filled with cafés, cute shops and restaurants, although more dirty and maybe a little rougher than where we’re living now. let’s see !

– i hope we will find our next apartment soon too. the system here in berlin is totally out of order : you have to be registered to get an apartment contract, you have to have an apartment contract to get a bank account, and you have to have a contract and a bank account to get registered. wait, what ? we’re sorting it out, it just takes longer than we expected. send happy thoughts our way !


– this is a weird one, but the food poisoning i got a week ago turned out to be a real inspiring event. i mean, how often do you get a chance to just lay still in bed for 3-4 days straight, without the energy to even pick up a book or watch a film ? so i did a whole lot of thinking and some good came out of it. you know, just the general stuff about what i want my life to be like, and how i can improve on it with the means i have now. me and david have talked a lot this last week, and i feel like we’re in such a good place to move forward. have you ever come out of a sickness feeling revived like this ?

– i’ve been watching a lot of the swedish/danish tv-series the bridge now as i’ve been getting my energy levels back up enough to be in a sitting position. except from it being a really well-written and entertaining show, i love watching it because of its looks. all those incredibly stylish scandi interior designs, the sandy grey/nude/beige colour palette, the clean lines, the architecture… it calms me down, although it’s a show about gruesome murders and crimes. if you haven’t watched it, go for it !


ok get your snacks and your tea. it’s time to go blog hopping !

– just yesterday i found blogger greta dillén. she’s a swedish model and she has some stunning photos from her different jobs on the blog, and even a bunch of vegan recipes too. what’s not to like ?
– one of my all-time favourites froufrouu is just such an endless source of inspiration. her photos are absolutely gorgeous of course, but they also have this incredibly playful and original quality, that it makes you totally happy going through her gallery. i mean just look at these photos ! doesn’t get better.

these fig pistachio bars look so good i might even try them, even though i’m not really a sweet toothed person. i know david would love it if i did ! spend a little time browsing the dreamy leaf blog while you’re already there, maya’s food is beyond beautiful. and guess who has contributed with a guest post on her blog just yesterday ? yep yours truly !
– oh look at these spicy miso shishito peppers ! i just want to lick the screen. don’t judge.
– how clever is it to use grated root veggies as a pizza crust ? very clever. i’m so going to try my own version of this.


– look at this space in pale white and nude wood. it calms my nerves just to look at the pics, can you imagine how zen living there must be ?
– i’ve never spent any serious money on bed linen in my life. but i’ve always wanted to get some proper good quality ones, and these might just tick the boxes of my bedroom goals.
– and finally, some window candy. i can never get enough of looking at windows.

ok, this is me wishing all of you lovely readers a brilliant february. it’s going to be a good one !

love // jenny

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