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this morning we woke up in a new apartment yet again here in berlin. our number four berlin flat to be precise, but who’s counting ?

to be honest, i’m so over this now. moving from place to place every few weeks, living in other people’s homes, with other people’s stuff, and other people’s under-equipped ( and sometimes downright dirty ) kitchens.

this flat we woke up in today is big and light, and in an area way better than the last one. so it’s definitely ok, we’re not unsafe or miserable in any way. just very tired of not having a place of our own, and endlessly packing and unpacking.

we’re staying in this apartment for a couple of months, and inshallah, we’ll then move to a place of our own. berlin is a very complicated and harsh place for new immigrants, that’s for sure.

ok, so we’re trying to keep a light mood in the midst of all the chaos, and how better to brighten your spirits than with a proper breakfast ?


david is still in the perfect sunny mood, no matter which annoying complications life is throwing his way, so i’m trying to take my key from him. with varying results i might add ^^

but march is here, and i’m really grateful that winter is over once again. so after this rant, it’s time for the monthlies – my hopes and inspirations this month !
not to mention an inspo-packed link list to finish it off. march – bring it on !


– i only have one hope this month. that by the end of it, we’ll have gotten somewhere in our apartment hunt. everything else can wait, but man oh man i need a home. an empty flat to slowly fill with things that we like, that we’ve chosen. no compromises, no clutter, no colourful decorations. keep all your fingers crossed for me kiddos !


– the architecture in this city is so fresh and surprising. people often say that berlin is ugly. i think he’s beautiful. ok granted, he definitely has some beauty spots. but hey, no one’s perfect.

– this is a weird one, but i’m sort of inspired by the desk in the apartment we just moved out of. have a look at that desk here if you don’t know which one i mean.
i haven’t been into pale wood in a long time, but i’m so warming up to it. it’s unexpected, since i’m always more into cool blue shades, but nude colours are so on trend right now and it’s totally rubbing off on me.
plus, i really like the lightness and neatness of that table ( minus the black edges ). what do you think ?


here it is – the link list for the month. enjoy !

– our friends over at hot for food just reached 100 000 subscribers on youtube last month !
big big congratulations to lauren and john, it’s so well deserved. i hope they’ve been celebrating grandly over there across the pond, because this is not a mean feat indeed !

– fellow swede nina of nourish atelier has just shared her version of neatballs ( or cheatballs as i call them ), and the result is epic ! more mouthwatering images are hard to find.

– homemade italian baked beans on toast ? don’t mind if i do !
i was moments away from licking the screen on this one. recipe is in swedish, but what’s google translate for ?

this trolley. kitchen or home office, that’s the question though.

this house is yet another reason to move to a warmer country. is there anything more luxurious than being able to let your home seamlessly continuing on outdoors ? singapore, here i come ! ( i wish )

office inspiration ! me and david are daydreamingly planning our future home office like maniacs at the moment. ok, so i’m not that into dark wood and mismatched chairs, but the size, shape, and placing of that table is just perfect for a home office, don’t you think ?

– i’ve found a new furniture favourite – the huge floor cushion !
david’s sceptical to say the least, but i’m enchanted. not that i would choose a leather one of course. i’m thinking maybe bamboo or linen ?

– new favourite is fashion and lifestyle blogger maria van nguyen. her images oozes of understated luxury in muted, soft colours. just look at the simplicity and beauty of this outfit post.

– too many beautiful people to handle in this post.

– newfound blog wit & delight really lives up to their name. got a few sunday morning hours to spare ? go browse !


did i miss anything ? what has inspired you this last month ? share your links with me !

and thank you so much for reading sweeties, i feel so much better now. refreshed and ready for all the complications berlin can throw at me !

love // jenny

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