TRAVEL : throwback – US road trip

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2 years ago almost to the day, me and david went on a month long road trip in the US.
from seattle down to LA, then NYC and new jersey.

david filmed everything of course. we’ve got more than 4¼ hours of footage, and we’ve decided to watch the whole thing again !
we saw about 2 hours of it last night – almost in san francisco now.

anyway, the very first video we uploaded on my youtube channel was a little travel video of some of the highlights from our trip.
and it was just before the trip that i started my instagram account. so it was the start of all this blogging business in a sense. so much can happen in a couple of years.
why don’t you take a walk down memory lane with us ?

it just so happens that we’ll soon revisit one of the stops on our road trip. we’re going to portland at the end of next month !
ah portland – the vegan capital of the world ! we’re going to eat so much.

and i can’t even explain to you how excited david is to be spending halloween in the US. he’s like a kid, remembering all those horror films he used to watch at a way too young an age.

have you ever been to portland ?
if so, maybe you have some tips on what we should see / eat / do ?

love // jenny

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