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for almost a year now, i’ve been enjoying making my own skin care products at home. experimenting with ingredients from my kitchen, like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, tahini and porridge. and it’s been working surprisingly well !

however, i think i overestimated my own talent for chemistry, at the same time as underestimating the harshness of the swedish winter. and my skin got terribly dry and red and itchy.
but luckily i have an ace up my sleeve: gaia creams. i’ve been using their products for years. and frankly, after trying their creams, i don’t see myself ever going back to the generic pharmacy creams.
so i’m very pleased to spread the word – you know how much i love recommending my favourite indie and ethical brands to you ^^

the creams from gaia are all vegan, organic, and raw, without any nastiness. meaning they’re safe enough to eat. i mean – not that you’d want to. but if you did, it would be ok !
for more info on the ingredients click here.

just look how cute the packaging is, with dried flowers and everything. it’s always such a luxury opening these sweetly wrapped little guys up.

gaiacreams3  gaiacreams4

adding to the thoughtfulness – they made me personalised labels:


here’s what the actual creams look like. they’re quite dense, and incredibly smooth. i got the package less than a week ago, and already my super dry and annoyed skin is getting baby smooth again. even my hands are getting beautifully soft, just from using them to apply the creams to my face.
as you can hear, i’m really into these sweet little jars and so happy to be fully stocked again.


the creams should be kept in the fridge, and they have shorter shelf lives since they’re raw and organic. these are the only downsides as i see it. and to me it’s a reasonable price to pay for getting the kindest possible care for my skin.

i try to apply the creams slowly each morning and evening. making it last a few minutes. taking a couple of deep breaths. getting a pause and focussing on nothing else than how my skin is doing.
i look quite relaxed, don’t i ?

gaiacreams11 gaiacreams13

if you want to let gaia creams take care of your skin, visit their website.
or show some support for a lovely small and ethical business by following them on facebook or instagram.

oh btw guys, i just got a twitter account ^^
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today’s thought :
remember – slowing down does not mean being lazy.

i hope you’re having a beautiful day.
love // jenny


    • jennymustard

      hej emma ! jag tror gaia creams sjalva sager ca 3 manader om jag inte minns fel. men jag har forut haft mina i narmare 6 utan att haft nagra problem :)

      // jenny xx

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