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it’s already time for the second episode of my new video series vegan inspo – where i try out recipes from my favourite food bloggers. the idea is to share all the great vegan resources out there that i can think of. hope you guys like the idea ^^

this time around i wanted to share my new obsession – our food stories. run by lovely berlin-based bloggers laura and nora, our food stories definitively does some storytelling through their gorgeous food photos. sincerely inspiring stuff.
now the blog is vegetarian – not fully vegan – but most recipes are easily made vegan by switching out an ingredient or two.

i’m making their recipe for gluten-free banana pancakes in this video, and i was so pleasantly surprised at how easy and delicious this was – just perfect. david is over the moon happy with this recipe, since it’s both healthy and decadently sweet just as he likes it. so i have a feeling he’ll be making these a lot for us from now on. i won’t complain.


gluten free & vegan banana pancakes
makes about 10

2 ripe bananas
50 – 100 ml  (¼ -½ cup) rice milk
100 g rice flour
1 tsp baking powder tartan (i used regular baking powder and it worked fine)
¼ tsp gingerbread seasoning (or just cinnamon)
1 dash of salt
coconut oil
maple syrup
figs or other fruits (i used plums, red currant, and basil)

– mash the bananas with a fork in a soup plate and stir in the milk (better start with 50ml milk and add some more later, if the dough turns out to be a bit to firm).
– mix in a separate bowl the rice flour, baking powder, salt and gingerbread seasoning. add the banana-milk-mix to the bowl and stir thoroughly with a tablespoon.
– heat some coconut oil in iron pan (i used a ceramic pan) and create pancakes with a tablespoon (each pancake is a full tablespoon of dough – use the tablespoon-back to flatten the pancake dough). because the dough is egg-free, the pancakes are a bit more unstable then regular pancakes, so be a bit careful when you flip them (mine were very firm and sticky, no problem flipping them at all !).
– cook every side for about 2 minutes on medium heat until they look crispy. serve hot with fresh fruits like figs and maple syrup.


thank you so much laura and nora for letting me use your recipe in this episode !

and guys, you can find our food stories on facebook, bloglovin’ and instagram.

do you have any favourite food blogger of your own that you think should have their own vegan inspo episode ?
if so, do let me know !

love // jenny


  1. Discovered your blog and youtube videos today and you’re awesome! Telling every vegan I know about you. Going to try these pancakes as soon as my bananas get a little riper. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    • jennymustard

      yay thank you !! that’s so sweet lulu, just made me smile :)
      love // j

  2. I’ll try it. But, you know¿ here where i live, some of those ingredients are so rare to find in shops. I think i will have to change some of them. Lucky me haha. Thanks for your lovely way to be, i’m so delighted to have found your blog. It inspires me in many ways.

    • jennymustard

      yeah just try replacing some ingredients, it should be fine :D
      oh that means so much to hear, thank you sweetie !

  3. LOVE this new series! I litterally just finished a plate of these goodies, so darn delicious. Banana pancakes are one of my favorite thing, so glad to have found a version without eggs! Thank you for the tip.

    • jennymustard

      thank you unn !!
      ikr they’re sooo good <3 <3 <3
      thanks for checking in :)

  4. i love this series! so sweet. one of my favorite food bloggers is ashlae/ ohladycakes!
    also – i’m patiently waiting for my buckwheat pancake batter right now haha. i’ll have to try these next. thank you for the recipes :~)

    • jennymustard

      oh thanks for the tip kellie ! will check her out asap :)
      yay good luck with the pancakes <3

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  6. I haven’t tried this recipe yet but I will!
    I stumbled upon your food videos and I can’t get enough of them!! I am so grateful to you for the simplicity of your recipes because it makes eating vegan style so enjoyable, easy and delicious..
    I find all of your videos so inspiring and it’s helped me to kickstart my healthy lifestyle again so I can’t thank you enough Jenny.

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