RECIPE : vegan summer rolls

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here it is – my HOW TO MAKE SUMMER ROLLS video !
one of my favourite foods for sure, i could eat these every day.

normally they’re filled with vermicelli/glass noodles besides from the veggies, but i always make them without noodles to make more room for the other stuff. in my opinion you don’t need the noodles. but hey – go noodle crazy if you want !

summer rolls full recipe:
(how much you need of everything is basically up to your own preferences. so i’m just going to give you some suggestions)
– rice paper
– filling in this video: tofu, white and purple cabbage, red onion, red bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, mint, chives
– other filling suggestions: mushrooms, chopped hazelnuts ( yum ! ), coriander, lettuce, avocado, bean sprouts, spring onion, noodles
– dipping sauce: light soy sauce/tamari, ginger, garlic, chili

– cut the tofu into small rectangular squares
– heat a pan with some sea salt, and a tiny bit of oil if needed
– fry the tofu on two sides until golden
– chop your favourite veggies into long thin strips
– boil water, and mix with cold water in a bowl. it should be hot, but not hot enough to burn your hands
– dip a rice paper in the water for 10-15 secs. if you dip them too long, they’ll rip and tear when you fold them
– place rice paper on a cutting board or plate. place your fillings on the bottom half of your rice paper (if you’re using square rice papers, i prefer placing one of the tips down on the cutting board, like a diamond shape)
– first roll the bottom half tightly
– halfway up the paper, fold in the sides
– roll all the way up. you can add some herbs at this stage (like we’ve done with chives in the video)
– mince or grate garlic and ginger, chop chili. place in a small bowl
– fill up with light soy sauce (and i normally add lemon juice or rice vinegar too ! you can of course make another dipping sauce, for example peanut sauce. i like this one because it’s easy to make and it’s low-fat)
– start dipping !

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