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hi from la la land !

it’s the scandinavian episode !
we had about 4 hours to kill at the airport in norway, so we recorded a podcast ! never mind the PA system :)

we talk about :
– how is it to grow up in scandinavia ?
–  what shocks us with other cultures ?
–  what’s the difference between the scandinavian countries ?
–  how rich are swedes ?
– question of the week : where do we go for brain food ?

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week is about nudity at the gym, how comfortable is david in the locker room !?

so from now on, you can listen to us here (scroll down), on acast, itunes, or most other places they have podcasts.

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love // jenny & david


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  1. don’t have time to listen to it now, just clicked the play-button to hear davids “hello, hello, hello” :D

  2. my favorite podcast thus this far. I loved the
    Illustrations of the family of top 5 Scandinavian. Finlands illustration made me laugh the most.
    Love you both so much. Hope the holiday is going well.

  3. This was incredibly interesting!
    I really thought that asians like myself were the only ones who taken aback from loud talking or accepting compliments. I have adapted the western culture myself and I do feel that it’s more liberating to simply accept your strengths and share it with the rest of the world in hopes that others will benefit from yours while you benefit from the strengths of others in return!
    Thank you for an awesome podcast and hope you’re enjoying the sun in LA!

  4. When your friend messages and says “What are you up to?” and you say “I’m listening to the podcast of some Berlin Minimalist Vegans”.

  5. Hi! Lovely podcast episode! Being Italian and having lived in Sweden during the last 4 years I was really surprised when you said that “planning ahead” is typically Scandinavian. I thought the exact opposite and I feel Swedes don’t plan ahead at all if compared to southern European people, especially when it comes to money managing and saving up from their salaries. Anyway, I love Sweden and this podcast was SO interesting! Keep up the good work!

  6. Wow, that was really interesting and I feel like I learned a lot.
    I grew up in Berlin (Hallo!) and would like to know how you see our crazy city. It’s always a bit different if you weren’t born here I guess and I am really interested in how you see our culture, behaviour, way of living and us in general. It would also be good to know why you chose Berlin over London for example. Lots of love!

  7. Love you so much. This was terrific!
    Hope you’re having a nice time in LA.

  8. I absolutely love listening to your podcast while getting ready for the day :)

  9. VERY entertaining podcast. Jenny, I’m an American and I don’t find your style freaky at all-it’s brilliant. I hope LA is influenced by your great fashion sense. When you get to Portland you should check out Divine Pies at the farmers market -raw and whole food pies. I haven’t tried them but it’s on my wish list (I live in the Midwest).

    Also, found the bit about the people who like to be naked in public very amusing-extreme vanity. Yikes!

    I love all your podcasts. Keep them coming please


  10. Loved this podcast! Very interesting and entertaining.
    I visited the Nordic countries a couple of months ago, and couldn’t agree more with your description. They’re all so similar and yet so different, I found it quite fascinating.
    Please do more podcasts about Scandinavia, it would be awesome.

  11. I love you guys faces too much!!! I keep wanting to see you speaking! You guys could do travel videos, too!!! This was a really interesting dialogue but I would have LOVED to see you two, along with views of the surroundings!K;)

  12. Love your podcasts..always have a laugh and chuckle and feel so much closer to you both. like having friends that i have never met!

  13. Such an informative and entertaining podcast. I love your minimalist and artistic styles. You inspire me.xx

  14. Love it, and the description of the countries was hilarious. And they were so similar to the “Scandinavia and the world” comics! Really funny :)

  15. I loved this podcast! You guys are so interesting and funny, wish I could have met you when you came to Norway. Please come back and do a meetup!

  16. Hi there Jenny and David! On the topic of Scandinavia I wonder if you heard about documentary called The Swedish Theory of Love. It just came out in Poland and it seems to contradict what you said about family and relations in Sweden and I wonder what you make of it. When I watched it it seemed to me very one sided and not interested in whole picture but still I wonder how you would react.

  17. Hi Jenny and David – absolutely loved this ‘departure lounge’ dispatch. As a Brit, I enjoy hearing your insights into our culture and that of other parts of Europe and the US. This Scandi podcast attracted me, as I’ve just started watching Norwegian TV drama ‘Acquitted’: visually stunning with uber chic interiors, which chimes in with your take on ‘rich Norway’. Tears of laughter rolled down my face, with David’s gym encounters and bench tales from the ‘nether region’! Looking forward to more podcasts :) x

  18. Skam season 2 definitely has it’s issues but season 3 and season 4 (so far) are amazing! You should give them a shot :)

  19. I loved the “naked” part in the gym :D
    I live in Hamburg and I am French, and I can confirm the naked women walking around and putting lotion on for hours, not having a care in the world that theirs legs are spread all over the place. I accepted it now but I still don’t get it. I am moving to Copenhagen soon and looking forward to new customs! So this podcast was great, informative and a lot of fun! x

  20. Hi I was laughing at the naked gym talk did you say it was German thing? I come from Czechoslovakia and we always cover ourselves and noticed Germany was always fine with their nakedness on public lol.

  21. Just want to say that I listen to every single podcasts (since the beginning I guess) en still looking forward every time!

    xx Eva, from the Netherlands

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