WHAT IT’S REALLY LIKE TO BE A FASHION BLOGGER | a day at paris fashion week

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ever wondered what it’s like to work as a fashion influencer ? it might seem like a crazy lifestyle ( and sometimes it is ) but i wouldn’t have it any other way ! here is a little insight in how a day in my life can look like during paris fashion week.

i talk about :
– i edit photos from two campaigns ( jil sander fragrances and calvin klein ) i shot in paris !
– i meet up with one of my fav instagrammers ( jane aka @seaofshoes ) and get to hang out irl with her for the first time !
– we record a collab podcast with jane and her husband jeff !
– i show you my luxe white makeup outfit !
– i dress like a street granny !?
– aperitifs !!
– the masha ma runway show – the best show i’ve seen !
– late night deliveroo with youtube homegirl maddie aka @madewin !

would you like to go to paris fashion week ?
of the big ones, i’ve so far been to paris, london, and milan. and to be completely honest, paris was my least favourite one… too hectic and all about business. i much prefer edgy london and chillaxed milan !

love // jenny

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this video is not sponsored by any of the brands i mention. however, i do create content on a paid basis for some of these brands ( like IG posts ), i’m not paid to mention them here in this video.


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