What’s ALWAYS in my Bag (don’t judge !)

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here is a classic, what’s in my bag !? please don’t judge me too hard, i know i’m a bloody girl scout alright ! ^.^
i’m sharing everything from fav essential makeup, to mini cameras and go-to sunglasses. oh, and wtf is an emergency pouch !?

this video is actually a collab video you guys ! both amy lee and i are showing you the innards of our trusted everyday bags.
i’ve been following amy for years and years, and she is one of my all-time fav fashion inspirations ( check out her epic insta outfits ! ) so you can imagine how cool it was to finally meet her irl during paris fashion week a couple of months back !
go give her some love and take a look at her what’s in my bag video too <3

i talk about :
– my gorgeous luxury vegan leather burgundy (?) bag !
– my essential makeup bag i bring everywhere !
– why am i so obsessed with emergencies ?
– which camera i prefer taking instagram photos with ?
– do i collect salt and pepper from all over the world ?
– do i have a lipstick addiction ?
– why david is a mule !?

come on now – it’s only fair that you share too !
hit me with the weirdest thing you have in your everyday bag !

and don’t forget to watch amy’s video too, she’s one of the good ones <3

love // jenny

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my bag is from osier ( press sample )


  1. I just wanted to make a comment about a great lady that you could help with your Vegan Donation Campaign. Her name is Fiona Oakes. She is Vegan and has a private sanctuary of 400 animals, she has given them all a name. She was featured on Rich Rolls podcast on iTunes. Rich is also a Vegan and amazing. Fiona has won/finished several 100 mile runs for her animals. Watch her on Rich Rolls podcast and I think you would just LOVE her, she is so quirky, but so passionate. She feeds her animals before herself – such an amazing human.

  2. I think the weirdest thing that I have in my every day bag is a white board pen. I have far weirder things in there occasionally but that’s in there always. And a battery. At Christmas time I keep random toys in my bag to give to kids that I see who look like they need a toy. It makes looking for stuff in my giant tote kind of odd at Christmas.

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