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probably the question i’ve been asked the most amount of times ever since started posted pics and videos online.
why don’t i have eyebrows ? (because i think i’m more beautiful without.)
where are they ? (they’re shaved off.)
are they just blonde ? (they’re not blonde, they’re shaved.)
do i bleach then or how do i remove them ? (with david’s razor. )
is this a minimalist thing ? (i guess it’s a minimalist aesthetic thing.)
will i ever grow them back ? (maybe.)

considering the thousands of questions and (mostly hate) comments i’ve by now gotten on the subject, i thought it about time to address this. i hope you get why i’m making this video and that you enjoy it !

so my fascination for futurism, minimalism, and modernism is probably why i walk around without brows. when someone tells me i look like an alien or robot, i see that as success. just the other day, i got told i look like a hotel hostess android. i took that as a compliment !

it’s all about self-love, isn’t it ? to allow yourself to express who you are, no matter if it’s unattractive to the rest of the world. no matter if you’re modern, bohemian, classy, or basic. it’s about stop caring about what society things, especially the darn haters. haters gonna hate, no matter how we look or behave. better to go down the road of body-positivity and self-acceptance. and why not have some fun with it in the meantime ?

love // jenny

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  1. Yustia Jong

    I just can’t imangine Jenny Mustard with eyebrow.. I am sooo used to how you look like now :)

  2. I think you’re so beautiful without eyebrows. I’m sure you’re just as beautiful with but I admire your boldness and confidence to shave them. I have never seen someone without eyebrows before you, but honestly I LOVE that and I hope more people feel confident enough to do it too. It fits you perfectly :)

  3. I think your look is unique. I do like your beautiful face with less makeup like in this video, or no makeup. You look about 16 years old with no makeup. I, myself, used to have thick brows but as I aged, they got crazy wild. Now, they are thin, barely there. I like it.

  4. .. I don’t know why I never noticed. Also, maybe because I hardly have any myself and my siblings repeatedly tell me to fill them in (no thanks).

  5. Don’t give a fuck if you have eyebrows or not. I don’t care about reason why you don’t. You are beautiful and inspirational. Yep that is that. ❤

  6. Jenny, you have no need to explain why you make the choices you make in your life. When I discovered you on YouTube sometime ago I subscribed right away because your character and amazingly positive expression about all things captivated my heart. You bring light into the world. For me, that is more than enough and I am so grateful! Thank you!

    Oh, by the way…you are so very pretty.

  7. Im just nine years old but you’ve encoraged me to stand out and be myself at school I thought about what others think but you are bold and don’t care

    • jennymustard

      oh i’m so happy to read this janka ! sending lots of love from Berlin !

  8. Dear Jenny, Thanks for this video <3 I really did not notice that you don't have eyebrows. I think you are beautiful just the way you are

  9. I truly never noticed!! But am so glad you do what is right for you & are happy & follow your heart xxxx

  10. Susanne Lowman

    I think you look beautiful.
    I shaved my eyebrows a couple of years ago. YES! Everybody laughed.
    I did it so they would grow back thicker, but I really, really liked the look. I felt clearer.
    You have inspired me to shave them again.
    I don’t know if eyebrows have a purpose like eyelashes, but that won’t stop me. Thank you so much for your story.

  11. I don’t understand people who put their energy into hating something that is none of their business. It baffles me. I love your choice of aesthetic, but more importantly I love the confidence and positive vibes you pour into the world. XO from Canada!

  12. I actually love your look without eyebrows. It made me think of shaving it off myself, but I haven’t got enough courage. I was wondering where do you get your self-confidence from and bravery about your own appearance and I got to a conclusion that it has to be much easier when you’re with a person you love. It doesn’t seem very hard when you’ve found your life partner who accepts and adores you the way you are, isn’t it?

  13. You have great self love and confidence. You go girl!! I like my eyebrows but shaved them off once by accident and felt I looked like an alien and I cried so badly. I was only 13. Ever since I said I am not shaving them off again. I am really impressed by you!!

  14. Werid. I watch your movies for quite a time (started at my english classes btw) and I did’t even noticed you wear no eyebrows… now I see but still think it’s nothing missing

  15. Am I the only one who didn’t notice? I just always thought you you look really amazing.

    • *reads comments* I’m definitely not the only one who didn’t notice. I always thought since I am different and people will look, I should turn it out and let them stare. Love the blog and the positivity about loving our own unique body/style/mind/spirit. It’s so nice to get that AND have some helpful ideas on how to get there. Love the blog. Thanks SO much.

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