RECIPE : green curry peanut noodle soup

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so sorry for posting last week’s sunday video a day late you guys !
i came back to stockholm late last night so i hope you don’t mind me being late.

let’s get to it – green curry noodle soup with peanut cream and tofu.
doesn’t sound too shabby does it ?

i’m using my homemade green curry paste, but like i say in the video – you can go ahead and buy an organic readymade if you want too.


green curry peanut noodle soup
serves 2
100 ml / 0.4 cup plain peanuts
500 ml / 2 cups water
100 ml / 0.4 cup green peas
250 ml / 1 cup frozen kale ( double the amount if using fresh )
about 1 tbsp green curry paste ( amount depends on if you’re using homemade, and which kind of brand if store-bought )
salt & pepper
100 g vermicelli noodles, cooked
100 g firm tofu, diced
1 spring onion, sliced

– add peanuts, water, peas, kale, and curry paste to your blender, with salt and pepper to taste. blend until completely smooth.
– gently heat in a pan and let simmer for a minute. add more curry paste if needed.
– serve hot with the cooked vermicelli, diced tofu, and spring onion. easy huh ?


i hope those of you who celebrate christmas have gotten into the spirit by now !
and to all of you no matter traditions – have the best week this week and try to take care of yourselves a little extra. i know i’m going to ^^

love // jenny

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wondering about that shiny new blender in the video ?
it’s a blendtec sponsored by bagaren och kocken and i truly love it.



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  2. I really love this one it cool so easy to do. I’m going to have to try to make it.

  3. Å, den här ska jag göra ikväll :-) verkar så gott! Jag undrar om plain peanuts, betyder det råa jordnötter eller?

  4. Alizé Huberlant

    Hey Jenny, just made it for lunch! So quick and so damn good! Thanks for the amazing idea

  5. I have been feeling a little unwell today and needed something light and easy to make so I tried this and Wow! it is so yummy and simple. I ended up having it for lunch AND dinner! Thank you. I will be trying another of your recipe tomorrow :)

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