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it’s time for a new recipe swap !
i’m over the moon because i’ve just found out about this blog, and it’s a new favourite for sure.
vegetarian blog made by mary is filled with decadent recipes, and lots of vegan ones (or easily made vegan) too.
it’s a swedish blog, but has a translation button, so go on over there and enjoy no matter where you’re from.

looking at mary’s photos is like stepping into a new world. or maybe an old world would be more correct. it’s almost like a magical atmosphere she creates through her photography.
the gorgeous images fills you with calm, quiet, and makes you want to slow down and really appreciate your food and the process of cooking it.


mary started her blog a few years ago, after suffering a stroke and quitting her job. and boy am i glad she did !
(quit her job and start the blog i mean, not the stroke business of course.)

her story is inspirational to say the least, and hearing about how her cooking helped her recovery is just beautiful.

the recipe i’m lending from mary today is a good one : lime & mint flavoured cashew balls. this is just how i like my recipes – easy, few ingredients, healthy and fresh, and of course yummy as can be.


lime mint & cashew cookie balls
about 20 balls
250-300 g / 9-10 oz (about 500 ml / 2 cups) raw, plain cahew nuts
zest from 1 lime
1/2 tbsp lime juice (i used at least the double. because… can there ever be too much lime ?)
1 large bunch of mint (about 30-40 leaves)
3-4 tbsp agave syrup (i used about 1 tbsp)
a pinch of salt
shredded coconut

– mix the cashews in a food processor or blender until broken down to a fine meal / flour.
– add lime zest, juice, mint, and salt and mix again until everything’s well blended.
– add the agave syrup and mix again until the dough starts to get clumpy. start with a small amount of the agave and add more as needed.
– form small balls and roll them in the shredded coconut. let sit in the fridge for a while, until serving. enjoy !


we went to some friends for dinner the night we made these, and brought about half of the balls in a beautiful glass jar lined with some parchment paper, as a little gift.
i always save pretty glass jars to use for gifts or to keep my own homemade stuff in, like jam, sauerkraut, or hummus.


thank you so much lovely mary for lending me this recipe, i’ll surely be making it again.

and congratulations to mary on being nominated for the swedish blog award matbloggspriset, in the category best photo. it’s so well-deserved – i’ll be keeping my fingers crossed !

love // jenny

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  2. Hi ya I was just wondering if there is a substitute for the Agave Syrup? I havent been able to find Agave Syrup where I live.

    • Honey is also nice in this recipe, but if you want to keep it vegan i would recommand rice malt syrup

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